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Kim Morrison - The Art of Self LoveThe experience with this team is second to none. I have three published books, and 2 self-published books. I would never be holding this beautiful book had it not been for Ocean, Jason and the team at Ocean Reeve Publishing. Seriously the most heartfelt, caring and most inspiring of companies and so different to being published or self publishing. I think they are the best of both allowing us authors to maintain the creative intellectual property whilst providing the expertise and guidance you would expect of a publisher. These guys not only care about the books they put their name to but the people involved in creating them. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are family to me.
KIM MORRISON – www.kimmorrison.com

Tracie-Eaton-How Good Can You Stand It


Ocean and the team are fantastic to work with. All are completely committed to what they do, and to ensuring that any author they work with is given the best possible chance to successfully publish, market and sell their works. Passionate about writing, passionate about creativity I recommend this team to anyone considering publishing a book.
TRACIE EATON – www.tracieeaton.com


Deb Pak - There's Bug Guts on my ShoeThis year I decided to publish my first children’s book. I had no idea where to start with the publishing process. Then I met Ocean Reeve! His passion, enthusiasm, proven track record and experience in all three spheres of the publishing industry (self, assisted independent and traditional publishing) ensured he provided the best advice to achieve the best result. And my result? A published children’s book which I managed to achieve whilst being a working mother! The guidance, knowledge and personal commitment of Ocean and his team cannot be underestimated! Deb Pak – Author of ‘There’s Bug Guts on my Shoe’
DEB PAK – www.debpak.com

Greg Gunther - Ocean Reeve PublishingIf you are contemplating taking on the challenge of writing your own book can I suggest you make sure you get in touch with Ocean Reeve Publishing and invest the time and money into the mentorship…you will be glad you did. I had the exciting experience last week of having the first cope of my book, “Feet First” handed to me personally by Ocean. His process of helping me get to this point has been invaluable. I feel very proud of what we have achieved and without Ocean’s mentoring and support I am confident we would not have the polished product we now have.
GREG GUNTHER – www.yourbusinessmomentum.com.au

Clive Johnson - Ocean Reeve PublishingI found Ocean Reeve Publishing and Ocean inspired me to take the risks, trust myself, break some rules, to not be afraid to fail, ignore the naysayers, work like hell and give something back. So I did. I committed to the process, regardless of the work as I know I have something to give back. Book one and two are in my hands as I type. (Not literally, as I couldn’t type as well) but here on my desk awaiting the launch. It’s been tough, but Ocean is there for me. Always helping, invested in my success and I am not going to let him down. I encourage new writers to email or pick up the phone and have a chat to Ocean.
CLIVE JOHNSON – www.clivejohnsonauthor.com

AJ Jane - Ocean Reeve Publishing


What a brilliant Mentor and Publisher. Ocean gave me all the tools I needed to self publish my novel ‘The Harris Sisters.’ He helped me every step of the way and being a novice I welcomed all the advice I could get. A trustworthy, genuine Publisher that goes above and beyond to get you from A-Z. My books have been printed and look amazing. Thank you Ocean for bringing my dreams to reality!
AMIE SOLOMON – www.authorajane.com


Jenny Old - Ocean Reeve PublishingMy experience with Ocean Reeve was like winning the gold lotto! I spent quite a few hours with Ocean discussing the publishing of my book before committing to the process. The thing that really impressed me was the Book Marketing Mentoring Program. As McAllister is my first book, I was unsure about the marketing aspect. After several intensive sessions I departed with a greater understanding of what I needed to do. I have followed the program step by step and have been amazed at the results. I published in May 2016 and had five print runs of 500 within that year. I am now republished with Allen & Unwin and have my own audio book all due to Ocean’s mentoring. I refer to my mentoring guide book often as it is my companion at my desk. It has been a huge comfort to me knowing Ocean is there as my mentor. I recommend this program to anyone about to publish their book.
JENNY OLD – www.jennyold.com

Gaz Jackson - The Dog TrainerI met Ocean when I was in the process of writing my first book “How to Select and Raise your Ultimate Dog” Ocean took me through the entire process to publishing and marketing my new book which is now in its 3rd edition. Ocean from Ocean Reeve Publishing has been a consistent mentor for me and my writing projects. Ocean also designed and maintains my business and book sales web page so all I have to do is email upadates such as blogs etc. Ocean also organized my book to be done as an Ebook and arranged the studio so I was able to produce the audio book which is now available everywhere. I came up with a creative ides to do a dog training private lesson download and again Ocean organized the entire project from the studio and location shoots to artistic direction. Once this was completed Ocean edited the entire project to a finished project on an internet platform ready for sale.
My second Book “The Dog Trainer” Autobiography I have just completed with ocean organizing the cover photo shoot and mentoring me through the writing to get the finished product. The book is to be released in 2019 and Ocean has already secured marketing opportunities for the books distribution. Ocean has given me guidance and mentored me through the entire process in the writing, publishing and distribution of my books, ebooks, audios, video downloads and website. This allows me to focus on what I do best and leave my entire publishing career in the hands of a master. I have another 5 book projects and several video and audio projects and Ocean will be my exclusive publisher on all of my future projects.
I highly recommend Ocean for all of your writing, audio and video projects, Ocean will turn your dreams into your legacy.
GAZ JACKSON – www.gazjackson.com

Xenia Schembri - Broken To Be BeautifulOcean is always professional, encouraging and compassionate. I had no idea what I was doing during but he guided me through the whole process. I felt safe and at ease all the way through. When I finish my manuscript for my next book I will be going back to him because I know I will get great service and laughs along the whole journey… Thanks, Ocean, you’ve been awesome… now all I have to do is sell them!!
XENIA SCHEMBRI – www.xeniaschembri.com

Zac West - AuthorAs a total novice, I found myself researching the whole publishing process. I had paralysis from analysis. After meeting with Ocean, I found him passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic for the industry and those he works with. Ocean and his awesome team helped me turn my ‘little baby’ from an idea to a professional publication. Ocean and Jason have only been an email or phone call away for advice, assistance or to personally deliver my first batch of books. Stoked to have found and be working with ORP!
ZAC WEST – www.zacwestauthor.com

Melissa Kent - Ocean Reeve PublishingOcean Reeve, aka Superman, what can I say? ! I had wanted to wait until my pre-order sale had finished, in the hopes that I would be able to leave an awesome review about how, thanks to you, I was able to meet my pre-sale goal of selling 300 books. In reality, here I am, with just under 2 weeks still left of my pre-sale having already sold 356 books – unreal! Now here is an extra surprising gift you have given me… I am no longer going to say it was ‘thanks to you’, because I have worked damn hard too, and it is thanks to US! This is what happens when you collaborate with someone as knowledgeable and pro-active as Ocean Reeve; he will get you to print and produce a beautiful industry standard product, he will give you the information, the tips and tricks of the trade, the support, the mentoring and a step-by-step guide to success, but YOU are the one who actually has to do the work in order to achieve your goals. So thank you Ocean, for taking care of all the ‘technical stuff’ and finer details that I was clueless on, thank you for all of your information, support and hard work behind the scenes. Thank you for your honesty at every turn, and your belief that I could achieve my dreams. Yes, ‘Broccoli Trees’ was MY dream, but you have brought that dream to life and have given me a product I am so incredibly proud to stand behind. I look forward to pumping out the next few books with you, but even more than that, I’m looking forward to watching you don your superman outfit and FLY!!! What fun! For any other aspiring authors or creatives out there reading this, I’d urge you to get in contact with Ocean today, you’ll be glad you did!
MELISSA KENT – www.melissakentauthor.com

Melissa H North - Ocean Reeve PublishingI found Ocean very approachable and open to suggestions, a quality that endears people to him. His ethics and standard of work are high, and that’s what you want in a publisher. He values your opinion and helps steer you in the right direction when needed. The mentoring program is above and beyond any other and it works. I have just finished the modules with Ocean and have found them to be full of information, ideas and helpful resources. I recommend anyone who is looking to publish or even thinking about it to contact Ocean Reeve.

Peter Perkins AuthorAfter indie publishing two exciting page-turners and the third of THE ADAM MANN SERIES reaching finalisation, I was struggling for recognition, a marketing platform that works, a publisher who might actually do something. I desperately needed a team of competent professionals, with practical solutions for authors feeling isolated and abandoned by the traditional publishers. I was not a sports or TV star, or married to one – I needed a super hero to help me achieve my goals. Suddenly, in swoops Superman and Flash – Ocean and Jason – large as life. I met them at a combined Brisbane Writers meeting and instantly formed a bond that developed in trust. Their instant understanding, positive guidance, practical support, inane sense of direction and belief in me, are beyond value. If your indie experience resembles mine, go to Ocean Reeve Publishing – now! They are the true force of good and power over procrastination.
PETER PERKINS – www.peterperkinsauthor.com

Sally Eberhardt


Ocean and his team gave me systems, process, support, encouragement and enthusiasm to not only give birth to my book but to get it out to the world. This would have been a very complicated and frustrating exercise (and possibly a very expensive one) without their guidance and experience. If you have a book to bring to life, you owe it to yourself to have a talk with these guys. I thoroughly recommend them 🙂
SALLY EBERHARDT- www.sallyeberhardt.com


Sue Feenstra - Ocean Reeve PublishingOcean and his team go above and beyond. There is nothing he won’t do to help in making your dream a reality. Everything about the finished product is top grade, and that’s down to Oceans experience, professionalism and experience in the industry! He’s a fussy one is our Ocean haha. Without a doubt I could not have done this without his mentoring program, it’s massive, It’s extensive and it takes you through every angle needed for publishing a book.

Marisa Parker - Ocean Reeve PublishingIt’s not just about boosting confidence or being given tips on selling a book. Rather it’s about discussing what skills are needed such as; working on confidence-marketing weakness if you have one as well as identifying strengths; how to counter negative comments as well as considering what effect they might or might not have on you. Additionally, the mentoring helped me understand that this was about telling and selling the story…not just the book. Ocean has had years of experience in this area. His diplomatic and patient approach looks at a number of valuable steps that are critical for first time authors. I recommend this programme to anyone about to publish their book.
MARISA PARKER – www.marisaparkerauthor.com

Shauna Gallagher - Ocean Reeve PublishingThe first print run of my first book, “Take A Big Breath: 20 Relaxation Exercises for Kids” has arrived. I can say that this would not have happened without the amazing assistance from Ocean. From the very first day I met Ocean at the library information session, I knew I was definitely, without a doubt, going to write this book. Even before I spoke to him about it, he gave me such confidence that this could happen. I didn’t look elsewhere to compare what he said as Ocean was so authentic. I had no reason to think for a minute, that anything Ocean said could possibly be anything but true and above board. And throughout this book publishing journey, that thought has proven to be accurate. Ocean knows his stuff and is very friendly and encouraging too. I extremely, highly, totally recommend you go with Ocean Reeve Publishing for any books you want to publish!
SHAUNA GALLAGHER – www.shaunagallagherauthor.com

Jennifer Calvert AuthorOcean Reeve Publishing are facilitators of creative expression, bringing stories to life, making a difference in the world and, making writer’s dreams come true. I began my journey into publishing in 2018, with the Book Marketing Mentorship and I believe this is essential in understanding the publishing industry, marketing and recognising the reason why you are writing and what your message is. It has been such an incredible experience working with Ocean Reeve, he has such an enthusiasm and passion for creative expression and he is passionate about the impact creativity has in our lives and in the lives of others. When I first started out I didn’t know if I had what it took to be a published author but, I have grown in confidence and knocked down any barriers that stood before me. Thanks to Ocean Reeve Publishing and their commitment, dedication and support I have achieved my dream of publishing, but also I have learnt so much about who I am as a creative and what I am capable of.
I highly recommend Ocean Reeve Publishing to anyone who is thinking of bringing their own story to life.
JENNIFER CALVERT – www.jennifercalvertwriter.com

Louise Harding - Ocean Reeve PublishingThe road of indie-publishing can be dark, lonely and fraught with danger, but it needn’t be. There is a hero waiting to walk you through the process and guide you on your own path to success. A hero? Really? Is this just another marketing ‘rah rah’? I hear you say. You are wary, have doubts and many questions, just as I did as a first-time author. This is a good thing. A good publisher will give you answers and help allay your concerns, however, a GREAT publisher will encourage you to embrace your fear, inspire you, educate you and champion you along the way. Ocean Reeve Publishing is that GREAT publisher. Ocean Reeve is that hero. My personal publishing journey was not without challenges. Regardless of the obstacles thrown up, Ocean was steadfast and smoothed my path every step of the way. Today, I have a successful published book, with a second print run on its way.
LOUISE HARDING – www.nosetotailbook.com

Samuel Colbran - Ocean Reeve PublishingI have a bias opinion of Ocean Reeve, but how can I not? He has gone out of his way to help me in every way, and this is when I was not paying him! He has been there for all my ups and downs, fears and triumphs. It was in our first mentoring session that he asked me a question that rocked my core, do I think I am an author? At first, I ummed and ahhed and now I am ‘F’ing yeah, I am!’ I have had an issue with my motivation or creativity, every time I contact Ocean he helps me, no questioning or thinking it was a waste of his time, Ocean just helps me. Would other publishers do that? My creative future is in the wonderful, passionate hands of Ocean Reeve and I would trust no one else with my legacy!
SAM COLBRAN – www.samuelcolbran.com

Debz Pokai AuthorMy husband and I published my first book “The Rainbow Zoo – Wild Afterlife” through Ocean Reeve Publishing this year. It is an honour to provide a 5 star review for Ocean and the ORP Team. Why? They know what 5 star service is. They believe in honesty. They are authentic. They value integrity. They understand loyalty. They are professionals. They are trustworthy. They encourage creativity. They have a wonderful sense of humour. They are incredibly generous … I could go on. Personally, I think Ocean and his wife Vicki-Jane are amazing. Being the heart and strength of ORP they have provided a solid foundation for their business structure to grow and flourish from. This says a lot … coming from me! As a Qld police officer I find it very difficult to trust people & many reasons to doubt them. I highly recommend ORP if you’re thinking about writing a book … publishing a book … or even reading a book!
DEBZ POKAI – www.lollipoprockpublications.com



Ocean really knows what he’s doing, with a great team of passionate people around him. Not just a publisher who gets the job done, but a mentor who wants to see you succeed. Ocean and his team are great at keeping connected and working with you every step of the way which is very reassuring.
JEVON CLARK – The Secret To Winning Relationships.


Peter-Boey-AuthorI would highly recommend Ocean Reeve Publishing to any writer who is committed to publishing their work. Ocean Reeve is a person of integrity and honesty with whom the writer is able to work collaboratively in a professional manner.
The channels of communication are always open. Ocean and his team respond to every query, offering the best way for the writer to proceed in publishing and marketing their book. As a mentor Ocean has helped me to grow in other areas, such as personal development, and to step out of my comfort zone when meeting the many challenges that publishing and marketing hold. Ocean is willing to go the extra mile for each of his authors and is never too busy to deal with any concerns. I find this a rare commodity in today’s world where you can become ‘lost in the crowd.’ Ocean has treated me as a friend and colleague and shown genuine desire to see me succeed as a published author.
PETER BOEY – www.peterboey.com

RHONDA VALENTINE DIXONYou cannot help but be uplifted by the infectious enthusiasm of Ocean Reeve. He quite literally loves what he does. With twenty odd years’ experience in media and publishing, there is little he doesn’t know about writing, publishing, and marketing a book. Furthermore, Ocean has surrounded himself with quality professionals who bring into existence books that are of the highest quality whilst meeting current market expectations. Writing is the easy part for most writers – marketing is often the difficult part. But with Ocean Reeve Publishing, you can choose to be mentored through the complex mechanism that is marketing. I took advantage of this procedure and I’m incredibly pleased and grateful that I did. For me, it highlighted the aspects of the creative process that I needed to work on. Through publishing with Ocean, I’ve met the people I needed to meet to enhance my journey as a writer. Ocean understands writers; he loves watching them realise their creative dreams and he absolutely delights in assisting them to achieve them. I would recommend Ocean Reeve Publishing any day.
RHONDA VALENTINE DIXON – www.rhondavalentinedixon.com.au

Dominique Liongson Author


As simple as O-C-E-A-N

Open to explore other possibilities
Cites a wide selection of stupendous proverbs
Eats the heart out of Superman’s disguise – Clark Kent
Aims to follow the way of the Superman’s path
N-lightenment that starts from mentor to client
DOMINIQUE LIONGSON – www.dominique-liongson.com


Denise Carnihan - Ocean Reeve PublishingI’m a great believer that the people we meet are meant to cross our path. I can say this with the utmost belief that when I was first connected with Ocean, it was meant to be! At the time I was half-heartedly thinking of self-publishing my manuscript but had absolutely no idea where to begin, or even whether I’d do it. Then along came Ocean Reeve, who literally took me under his wing… and the next thing my story was published into the most fabulous book and put out there on the world wide stage. In a nutshell, I could never have done this without Ocean. His expertise in the publishing field is second-to-none, his incredible ability to have you believe your story IS worth publishing is simply amazing. His enthusiasm is so infectious you can’t help get caught up in the whole publishing journey, he knows what he’s talking about, is willing to share it and in terms of mentorship, he’s up there at the top of the list!. I can’t recommend Ocean highly enough to be THEE person to take a manuscript and turn it into a treasured legacy… for ever! So, if anyone out there is even remotely thinking about having a book published, don’t look past Ocean. You won’t regret it!!
DENISE CARNIHAN – www.helpinghandafricatours.com

Cath Grimshaw - Ocean Reeve PublishingThe mentoring sessions and pre-sale strategy were what set the ball rolling for me. I knew nothing about publishing and even less about book marketing. Within one day I had pre-sold over 200 copies. Within a week of receiving the 500 print run they were all gone and I ordered another 500. I am amazed and extremely grateful to Ocean as the mentoring program was what made the jump from an idea to a successful reality.
CATH GRIMSHAW – www.growingdesertroses.com

Lynne Heuermann - Ocean Reeve PublishingOcean and his amazing team did a fantastic job of getting me through the publishing process. At first I thought “wow” this is so daunting, and the thought of marketing myself and getting myself out there was not only scary but totally overwhelming. Ocean’s mentoring program has broken each section down into modules and gives you a wonderful step by step process, that way your’e only tackling one piece at a time. Suddenly it’s not so daunting and can actually be fun – who would have thought! Ocean has left no stone unturned and he covers absolutely everything you need to know about publishing and marketing your book. His knowledge in this area combined with this passion is so inspirational that I find myself wanting to write more books.
LYNNE HEUERMANN – www.angelspeak.com.au 

Soraya Saraswati - Ocean Reeve PublishingIt was a great feeling to hold my book for the first time, but I realised that the sharing of my book would be just as important. Ocean’s mentoring on how to accomplish this was just fantastic. His step by step process of book marketing was a neat package of ‘how to’. His personal and very grounded approach is backed up by years of experience which makes this package so valuable. And it doesn’t stop there, Ocean is always available if you have a query. I highly recommend Ocean’s book marketing mentorship to get your book into hands that will appreciate it.

Bec McGregor - Ocean Reeve Publishing


With Oceans mentorship capturing the world of book marketing, I developed the confidence to approach book buyers and libraries and put together social media campaigns. I was I shown how to bring my book up to industry and international standards and now I am now able to understand the vast opportunities available to benefit from. 


Marisa Ferraro - Ocean Reeve PublishingWorking with Ocean Reeve Publishing has given me a step up in my creative platform as well as given me inner strength and motivation. I have learnt a lot and the mentor program is invaluable and something you can take with you and use in all aspects of business as well as books. It was a great tool to learn. I wouldn’t have known what I know had I not leaped.

MARISA FERRARO – www.missmarisa.com.au

Zoe Sparks - Ocean Reeve PublishingI’ve had the fantastic pleasure of working with Ocean now on all three of my business book trilogy and what he doesn’t know about publishing is not worth knowing. For me, the most amazing part has been that Ocean is with you every step of the way… and can deliver the full process, from creation/initial writing process, editing and advice, delivery of the book, eBook publication and POD options, ISBN’s, Marketing… Ocean offers the full package and is backed by an amazing team who get the job done, quickly, promptly and efficiently. If you want to self-publish, hands down Ocean is your man to make it happen! Thanks so much Ocean and Jason for all you have done… three books down and sure they’ll be more!
ZOE SPARKS – www.zoesparks.com

Nathan Anderson - Ocean Reeve Publishing


Without Ocean’s industry knowledge and advice I Am could still very be just an idea. It has been a journey full of learning, hard work and persistence. Thank you for Ocean for your patience and enduring support. It is still just the beginning and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Bronwyn Houldsworth - Ocean Reeve PublishingOcean Reeve is an awesome facilitator, allowing creative people to realise their dreams. His understanding and empathy helped this author send her historical romance, The Heart Has Its Reasons, out into the wide world. Ocean efficiently and sympathetically dealt with all the steps along the way. I have a book, a website, and other related products that I’m truly proud of. What’s more, any problems or niggles relating to the marketing of the book, and Ocean provided helpful solutions, invariably in less than 24 hours. 
BRONWYN HOULDSWORTH – www.bronwynhouldsworth.com

Jennie Gorman - Ocean Reeve PublishingWhat can I say? I met Ocean and instantly knew that he was the person to support me to get my book ‘Awesome Authenticity’ updated and reprinted exactly as I wanted it! I had not had a good experience prior with a publisher! Working with Ocean was so easy. I highly recommend him as the person you need to go to to discuss what you want when you author a book, what all the intricacies you need to have done and consider, and to follow through with the best outcome. He is a one in a million! I can’t thank him enough for what he did for me and will be using him again for my next book!

Hunter K Smith- Ocean Reeve Publishing

The information he provides in his Mentoring Sessions is second to none. It’s valuable, meticulously researched and foolproof. He made his teaching look easy to me but that’s part of his creative talent. I researched tons of publishers before finding Ocean, and he had me at Hello. I assumed Ocean Reeve Publishing service would be professional but am gobsmacked at the detailed professional level where he operates from. Best of all, the process was so much fun and I never felt overwhelmed.
HUNTER K SMITH – www.hunterksmith.com


Gayle McKew - Ocean Reeve PublishingWhen looking to publish I did a lot of research, spoke with a lot of publishers…and then I met Ocean. Ocean’s professionalism, experience, adaptability and caring made all the difference to a nervous first time writer. It was a refreshing contrast when compared to some other publishers…those had made me feel like a number. If you’re considering birthing a book then Ocean Reeve is the perfect person to help you bring it to life.
GAYLE McKEW – www.prosperityplanning.com.au

Andy Zagami - Ocean Reeve PublishingI found Ocean online a few years ago after speaking with a few publishers. From day 1 he was extremely helpful and took care of everything for me. He showed me what was happening every step of the way and made sure I was happy with each part of the process before we moved on. Working with Ocean made the whole process of publishing my first book a lot easier and far more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. Thanks Ocean for being a huge help towards getting my message out there, for being an inspirational human being and becoming a good friend.
ANDY ZAGAMI – www.andrewzagami.com.au 

Jen and Julian Duband - Ocean Reeve PublishingIn every writing and publishing journey, there’s a point that you sit back and realise you’ve achieved something really special. We had that moment after one truly amazing day, in which a bookstore accepted copies of our first book on consignment and we were interviewed on National Radio. That was the moment we realised, ‘wow we did it’! This momentous day had a huge lead up, not just the six years of writing, but the search for a publisher to help us make our dream a reality. Enter Ocean Reeve Publishing! They showed faith in us and our project from the outset, believed in the product and guided us through every step, offering ongoing help and practical advice. Ocean is more than a publisher. He is is an educator as well and we have learned so much from him about how to be successful in our writing and publishing journey. He has indeed been the wind beneath our wings and we are about to fly high and it feels fantastic. We are just two regular people, an artist and a musician and both teachers, but with a thirst for being creative. We had a story to tell and a dream to fulfil. Ocean and his team helped us achieve success. We have only just started our journey with him and we are looking forward to travelling the road together.
Julian and Jennifer Duband – www.dubandbooks.com

cindy rochstein - ocean reeve publishingI have worked with Ocean now for over six years and I can honestly say that I probably would never have made it through this journey without him. I am a four-times published author with many more books on the go…there is no one else I would ever work with. As a writer you are so vulnerable in your journey and writings, you reveal your story, your thoughts your feelings and Ocean is able to help guide you through this process, gently and professionally so that your finished project is something, not only of value to yourself and others, but the personal journey and development side of yourself once on this writing path, is quite simply… extraordinary. Ocean is a key and integral part of this process of helping you evolve as an author and most importantly as a human with creativity, spirit and self-belief…and you absolutely would be lucky to have him on your team.
CINDY ROCHSTEIN – www.cindyrochstein.com

Yvonne Walton I am a first-time author, and my book, Lorraine – A Free Spirit has recently been published with the immensely supportive help and step-by-step guidance of Ocean Reeve Publishing. I had been somewhat overwhelmed by all that was entailed in publishing a book but this presentation clarified so much for me. Ocean ‘streamlined’ everything, making it far less daunting than it appeared. He has guided me through every step of the publishing journey, from mentoring and editing to marketing and all in between. He has answered my many questions (no matter how trivial) and inspired me along the way. Ocean is a professional genius in his field – a powerhouse of information and motivation – and always ready and willing to share his knowledge. His commitment to each of his authors comes with a personal touch and focus on their individual goals, a hugely positive attitude and a big heart.
YVONNE WALTON – www.lorrainefreespirit.com

Lynne Cutler - Ocean Reeve PublishingI was introduced to Ocean Reeve Publishing last year although the timing wasn’t right till this year 2017. This has been an amazing journey with Ocean. He is so supportive, encouraging, a really nice person as well. He reminds me of someone… ah yes ‘super man’ who is out in the world helping authors. I am so pleased to have met him to help me bring “I am the Messenger”out for the world to read. 

LYNNE CUTLER – www.lynnecutlerauthor.com

Terence Sweeney


Ocean Reeve Publishing is highly committed to authors getting them-selves out there so their stories are heard. Working with him allowed me to stay aware of the next step in the process and his support through each step was incredibly valuable. It was exactly what I needed.
TERENCE SWEENEY – www.terencesweeney.com


Dion Jensen - Ocean Reeve PublishingI’ve waited since 2016 to write this review because in all honesty, results matter more to me than attempts, actions matter more to me than words and for my people, my book is the difference between life and death. Literally. I don’t even think Ocean understood how serious I was when I chose him over an established publishing house. What Ocean did understand though, was human connection. Along our journey I watched as my mission became his mission, how the importance I placedon bringing my story to life was matched by Ocean’s importance on bringing my story to life. I also watched as he matched this intensity, this drive to do it right, with every other author he worked with. In this internet driven world of keyboard warriors and expert opinion there are no words I can write to explain how important Ocean was to this journey. I can only state the facts. He is critical. Ocean Reeve actually cares. For no other reason that it is in his nature to care. He believes in you, believes you can achieve what you want to achieve and takes you there. Right beside you, in front of you and behind you kicking your ass. To sum up: Ocean Reeve genuinely cares about bringing your story to life and is laser focused on taking you step by step to making that happen…and he has helped save lives while doing it. Don’t take a chance on this guy. Do whatever it takes to have him on your team. With Superman on your team, anything is possible. Thank you bro, from the bottom of my heart. Batman.

DION JENSEN – www.dionjensen.com