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At Ocean Reeve Publishing we are always looking for new and innovative opportunities to promote our authors. Through video, podcasts, and traditional media, we hope to lift the awareness for our authors and their books. 


It’s a new age for book publishing and a new age for authors. Sharing their stories, their ‘why’ behind writing and them as humans, is essential. The Author Angle is where you can hear from new and established authors on their books, why they write and their mission for their published work. Also tune in for industry knowledge on book publishing and marketing along with inspirational insights from the experts. With the theme of creative expression beats depression, the Ocean Reeve Publishing team are committed to creating inspirational and superhero authors who can inspire their readers. Sharing their stories through various media channels is something we are excited about doing. ​The Author Angle is currently available on Anchor FM, Spotify, and Pocket Casts.

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Video marketing is a necessary media for all authors. Nowadays readers want to feel as they can connect with the writer, the author, the creative. Through a video interview, readers are able to get inside the head and heart of the authors and establish the know, like and trust factor. Producing in our Brisbane offices, The Creative Corner is a relaxed interview highlighting the reasons the author wrote, how they enjoyed the process, what their vision for their book is and more. The Creative Corner interviews are currently available on Facebook and YouTube.

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