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Ocean Reeve Publishing’s Marvellous Manuscript Competition has now closed. Winners will be announced on the 20th of November.

Marvellous Manuscript Competition
Marvellous Manuscript Competition

What is the Marvellous Manuscript Competition?

This is an opportunity for non-fiction writers to submit their completed manuscript (i.e. final draft copy) and receive a thorough manuscript appraisal (9-14 pages) for consideration to be published and marketed at NO COST TO YOU. Yes, that’s right. ALL submissions will receive a comprehensive manuscript appraisal and be in with a chance to win a traditional publishing contract and receive back your full entry fee. Authors will work with the publishing team to see their book brought to life. This includes printed copies and eBook development and finalisation, with both being marketed and distributed with Ocean Reeve Publishing. PS. There are prizes for the four runners-up as well.

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How does it work?

Complete the form at the bottom of this page. Every single manuscript submitted will be going through a thorough and comprehensive manuscript appraisal process. There will be one winner and four runners-up; ALL of whom will receive exceptional prizes. A fee of AU$500.00 incl GST applies to every submission to cover the appraisal costs. The winner will have this same fee fully refunded within 30 days of public announcement. 

Marvellous Manuscript Competition How It Works

Additional to one winner, there will be four shortlisted manuscripts. The authors of these manuscripts will receive AU$100 of the submission fee refunded. They will also receive a free trade cover design produced by Ocean Reeve Publishing for their future published book.

All authors who enter the manuscript competition will be given a comprehensive manuscript appraisal; this will be provided to them within a 60-day period of the winner and runners-up announcements. This will outline areas of strength, weakness, structural commentary and much more. It will show you what needs to be done to bring the manuscript to the editorial stage. Those who are unsuccessful in their submission will be given a one-on-one consultation to discuss the potential next steps you can undertake to bring your story to life.

Marvellous Manuscript Competition What Is A Manuscript Appraisal

What kind of manuscripts are we looking for?

30,000 – 60,000 word non-fiction, unpublished manuscripts. It must be in English. 

Open genre (non-fiction only) which means you can submit your memoir, autobiography, self-help, mind/body/spirit, educational, business, cookbook, health, history or family history. As long as it is a completed final draft within the specified word count above – you may enter the Marvellous Manuscript Competition.

Marvellous Manuscript Competition What Are We Looking For

What is the deadline for submissions to the manuscript competition?

You have until the 30th of September 2019, to submit your manuscript for appraisal and consideration to win a traditional publishing contract. 

Can I submit more than one manuscript?

Yes, however, we are only accepting a very limited number of submissions into the manuscript competition. This is due to, our wish for you, to have the successful manuscript into the process and published by the first quarter of 2020.

Do I have to be living in Australia?

We will accept manuscripts from all over the world. Our primary market is in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada. These are the territories we would be focusing on with the marketing and distribution of the winner’s book. As part of the publishing process, it should be noted, however, that your manuscript will be registered in Australia, in the first instance. Your allocated ISBN book number is an international number and will be recognised globally regardless.

Marvellous Manuscript Competition Who Can Enter
Win a traditional publishing contract
Win a traditional publishing contract


Here at Ocean Reeve Publishing, we love all stories and truly believe in, ‘Bringing Stories to Life’. This is the debut of the Marvellous Manuscript Competition and so, we want to focus on non-fiction for this first round of submissions. We are certainly considering another submission process that will include fiction manuscripts. If you would like to be kept in the loop, please send an email to info@oceanreeve.com with the subject line: Query about fiction submissions for the Marvellous Manuscript Competition.

Only digital copies are accepted for the Marvellous Manuscript Competition; submissions must either be in a Word document or PDF (Portable Document File) format, to be considered.

Congratulations on getting to this point in your writing journey. A manuscript appraisal will provide you with valuable feedback to enhance your manuscript. You are welcome to submit your manuscript copy. By entering this competition, you have a chance to be a winner or one of four runners-up. Even those who aren’t in the top five will still receive a comprehensive manuscript appraisal and an opportunity for a one-on-one consultation.

If your book is publicly available physically or online, as a Print on Demand (POD) copy or eBook, then it is not acceptable as a submission for the Marvellous Manuscript Competition.

The fee of A$500 is not actually just to enter. It will pay for:

  • Your manuscript to undergo a thorough manuscript appraisal. You will be provided with a professional report (9-14 pages) with feedback on your writing style, structure, language, pace and flow and a SWOT table – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  • The opportunity to win a traditional publishing contract with Ocean Reeve Publishing.
  • Additionally, if you are one of the top five finalists, there is reimbursement of the full fee, A$500 to the winner; and, for the four runners-up, they receive A$100 reimbursement (each) and a free trade cover design plus a one-on-one consultation with Ocean Reeve Publishing, to discuss their book.

A manuscript appraisal provides you with detailed feedback on how to enhance your manuscript and bring it up to the standard of current publication processing standards; it is also assessed against the current version of the Australian Style Manual for Authors, Editors, and Printers.

A manuscript appraisal is much more thorough than a manuscript assessment. At Ocean Reeve Publishing, your manuscript undergoes an in-depth review with feedback provided in a report (9-14 pages), on your writing style, structure, language, pace and flow; a bonus SWOT table (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) is also included.

The manuscripts will be appraised by Marisa Parker, Client Manager at Ocean Reeve Publishing, who is also an award-winning (non-fiction) author. Five of the submitted manuscripts and the accompanying appraisals will then be forwarded to four judges – Ocean Reeve, Jenna Kenny, Jason Smith and Kristy Hoffman. A further five manuscripts will have been selected as back-up, in case agreement cannot be reached, by the four judges on a winner and the four runners-up.

We will aim to announce the winner and the four runners-up within 60 days after the closing date (31 September). Also, everyone who entered the Marvellous Manuscript Competition will have their manuscript appraisal (9-14 pages) provided to them within 60 days of the winner and four runners-up being announced.

The winner and four runners-up will be announced on our website and Facebook page. Furthermore, we will send an email out to all applicants and, within 60 days of the winner and runners-up announcement, everyone will also receive their individual Manuscript Appraisal (9-14 pages).

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Entry Form

Must be between 30,000 and 60,000 words
Price: $ 500.00
I accept the $500 payment for the entry into the Ocean Reeve Publishing Marvellous Manuscript Competition. I understand I will be redirected to a payment page where I can make payment via Credit Card or PayPal and accept the 2.4% processing fees. I understand there are no refunds on this competition outside of the $500 refund to the winner and $100 to the next top four shortlisted.
Manuscript submission files must be: * In English; *Your own work (or you have written permission from the author to submit this document); *No more than 15MB in total; * Either a word document or a PDF (Portable Document File).