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A manuscript appraisal is part of the writing mentorship and an important part of book publishing. Furthermore, it is also for all authors that have yet to receive a professional assessment of their completed manuscript. Therefore, if you have not had professional feedback then we highly suggest you undertake a manuscript appraisal. How do you make the decision to undertake a manuscript appraisal? Well, it starts with understanding what an appraisal is.

What Is A Manuscript Appraisal?

A manuscript appraisal is a systematic and objective study of the marketability of your book. Similarly, it addresses what revisions, rewrites, updates, and changes need to occur. The result is to bring your book to the highest quality. Successful book publishing experiences include revisions based on a manuscript appraisal. In fact, it’s expected.

Ultimately, a manuscript appraisal is one of the earlier book publishing processes a serious author needs to undertake. For the simple reason to ensure they have told the best possible story and confidence that there is a market. When you receive your manuscript appraisal back it will give you extensive feedback.

Manuscript Appraisals with Ocean Reeve Publishing
Manuscript Appraisals with Ocean Reeve Publishing

What Is Involved?

Firstly, the manuscript appraisal will address the concept, title, length, and desired format. Secondly, we look at pricing, subject matter, and its potential popularity. This includes the author’s expertise, competition, audience, marketability, and even a SWOT analysis. Similarly, we address originality, focus, clarity, structure, validity, writing style, as well as any suggestions for added value. It will be comprehensive and honest. Therefore you will most definitely review sections of your manuscript. As a result, you are giving your book the best chance of success. This process takes your manuscript to the next level. 

Book Publishing – Be Prepared

With our manuscript appraisal service, you can feel confident that the appraisal report will not come back without recommendations. Therefore, it won’t be stating ‘hey, you’re good to go, no changes!’. This would not constitute the definition of what a manuscript appraisal is to do. Furthermore, you need to expect a constructive and in-depth critique where you will need to make changes and potentially re-write sections to improve the readability of your work. As a result, it is important that you have the ability to take on criticism, advice, and opinions without suffering a mental break. This is an important part of a successful writer’s life. Self-improvement and skill development is crucial. A manuscript appraisal is also an excellent way to introduce you to the editing process.

Manuscript Appraisal – Do’s & Don’t’s

Do not submit your manuscript too early. By too early, we mean too raw, rough, ragged around the edges. If you get an appraisal too soon, the entirety of the feedback is going to focus on messy paragraphs and obvious holes. Furthermore, our appraiser will be stuck on the stuff you could have sorted out during the self-editing process. Similarly, make sure you get your manuscript to a high enough standard that the appraiser can focus on the big picture. This would include development, structure, flow, setting, and voice. We don’t want them to get bogged down in the superficial. Therefore, you need to believe that your manuscript is in the best possible state you can achieve without external help.

Contact Us to begin your journey with a Manuscript Appraisal
Contact Us to begin your journey with a Manuscript Appraisal

Manuscript Appraisal – Tips

For those that have not had a manuscript appraisal before can find it a bit daunting. The appraisal process gives you immense confidence that what you’re prepared to bring to life through book publishing will get taken seriously and is the best it can be.

Furthermore, if you live in a regional or rural area without access to a local writers’ group, an appraisal is an excellent decision. Similarly, if you want quick, detailed, genre-specific, and guaranteed feedback, an appraisal is the way to go. Likewise, if you have clear goals as an author and the manuscript, an appraisal is a must. Also remember, as the author you are too close to be objective in a personal review of your own work. How can you expect to differentiate between the good and the bad? An appraisal will do this.​

Manuscript Appraisal – Costs

So what kind of budget do you need for an appraisal? Manuscript appraisals costs are by word count and can cost from $350 to well over $1000. The Appraisal is dependent on word count and is priced at $500 (0 – 30,000 words), $700AUD (30,001 – 55,000 words), $900AUD (55,001 – 75,000 words) or $1200AUD (for 75,001 – 100,000 words). Therefore, this is a worthy investment to make in book publishing. As a result, you ensure that you are making an impact with your story through book publishing in Australia, and then take out the world!

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