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Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Book

Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Book

Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Book

Writing your book is one thing but getting it noticed is another. Marketing your book is vital to its success, and it’s vital for ensuring you get paid too.

With book marketing services on your side, much of the promotional work will be done for you.

From SEO specialists to social media experts, you can benefit from the marketing teams at your disposal.

However, there is much you can do to promote your book too, and you can even do it cheaply. How so? Well, here are just a few suggestions that you might find useful.

Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Book
Low-Budget Ways To Market Your Book (PxHere CC0)

#1: Go on a local book tour

While it’s worth traveling far and wide to attract attention to your book, there is nothing wrong with staying close to home. Contact local schools, community groups, book stores, and libraries, and arrange readings and book signings. Many people will be glad to support your success as a local author and they will be unlikely to charge you. Of course, you might still give them a donation as thanks, perhaps with a small portion of your book sales if the tour goes well. This way, you might do much to raise your profile, and you might earn yourself a few new fans in the process.

#2: Make your own podcast

Podcasts are hugely popular at the moment, and chances are, you might subscribe to more than a few yourself. There are podcasts on every known subject, and some have been created by authors similar to you. You could share extracts of your book or offer writing tips to other aspiring authors. Once recorded, you could make your podcast available on iTunes, Google Play, or any of these podcast hosting platforms. At the end of your podcast, let people know where they can find your book, and include your email address so you can answer any of their questions.

#3: Create your own YouTube videos

Video is increasingly popular today, especially when it comes to marketing. Online videos make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic, according to statistics, so it’s definitely worth your consideration. Using video, you could talk about your work, give advice to other writers, interview other authors, and share extracts of your book. You don’t have to pay anything to create your own YouTube channel, although you might want to invest in some video recording equipment for professional results.

#4: Market your book on social media

YouTube is just one social media platform at your disposal, but there are others. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are three of the most popular though there are many more you can explore. While you could pay for social media ads on these platforms, there are also ways to market your book on social media for free. You could post links to your website, for example, and share links to your podcasts and YouTube videos. You could also join reader and author groups, and share extracts of your work. And you could encourage friends, family members, and fans to share your social media posts, perhaps with the incentive of a free book if they successfully market your business for you.


The more you can do to promote your book the better, so along with the marketing services you use, consider these suggestions too and increase your readership.

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