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Ghostwriting in Australia and Internationally

That’s right! Australasia’s leading assisted independent publishing house, Ocean Reeve Publishing, now offers ghostwriting services in Australia and beyond. Let’s start by looking at the definition of a ghostwriter. This is a qualified and experienced writer who writes manuscripts, stories, blogs, articles or any other written content. This content will then be  officially attributed to another person. That other person is known as the credited author.

Ghostwriting In Australia and beyond with Ocean Reeve Publishing
Ghostwriting In Australia and beyond with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Why use a Ghostwriter

Usually, major celebrities, sportspeople, politicians, influencers, and business people are the users of ghostwriting services. While these people are experts in their fields, they are not often professional writers, nor have the time to write a book. Hiring a ghostwriter to write their autobiography, memoir or professional expertise publication ensures they convey their message professionally and to a high standard. 

Other reasons a ghost writer can be utilised is when the person inspired to publish has never written before and would like professional support. Also, you may have English as your second language and may not have the confidence to write. Often we have people come to us who have that important a story or insight, but do not know how to express the ideas with clarity or have the experience to portray that message in written form with confidence.

How Does The Ghostwriting Process Work?

Step One in Ghostwriting

The first step in establishing the ghost writing process is deciding on what you want to write. Once you have the story, insight, idea or focus on what your book is to be about, then we can discuss what an expected word count should be. For example, if you are looking to publish a self-help book we will aim for 45,000 words. If you are look at your autobiography, we will be heading towards 80,000 words. Or a business book we may be anywhere from 40,000 – 70,000 words depending on the topic.

Step Two in Ghostwriting

Once the topic and word count are established, the next step is to confirm which of our three professional ghostwriters would be suitable for your journey. This decision is made by the Managing Director and Publishing Manager at Ocean Reeve Publishing.
We then set a six-stage structure in place to develop your manuscript.

  • STAGE ONE – Initial meeting (phone or video conference): The client and our ghostwriter meet and discuss the vision. During this conversation, which is recorded, the ghostwriter will ask several questions to get an overview of the project and what you are wanting your reader to get from your completed publication.
  • STAGE TWO – the development of the outline: The ghostwriter will schedule a few recorded interviews by phone or video conferencing, which are then used to develop a outline. This outline identifies chapters and their focus, length of each, any additional research required and this is then sent to the client for feedback and revision. Typically, this may go back and forth a few times until it’s just right.
  • STAGE THREE – the draft: The ghostwriter then gets started on what they do best – writing. Initially, they are tasked to write the first 25% of the manuscript and submit it to the client for review. We usually allocate 4-8 weeks for this first quarter to be written. 
  • STAGE FOUR – the revision: Here’s where the client gets to be as involved or uninvolved as they want. We encourage clients to read, make notes on potential revisions in preparation for the upcoming call our ghostwriter will have with you to discuss the revisions. 
  • STAGE FIVE – drafting and revisions continue: Once the first quarter has been revised and approved, we then continue the drafting and revision process for the next 25%. This continues for the final two parts of the manuscript until the entire manuscript is complete. Depending on the clients availability this can be 3-4 month process at best, but often could take up to six months.
  • STAGE SIX – editing and publishing: Once the final draft is complete, the manuscript goes through to the editorial department in preparation for publishing. You will be allocated a publishing coordinator who will manage the entire journey (editing, typesetting, cover design, eBook, audiobook, and printing) for you.

How Much Does Ghostwriting Cost?

We price our ghost writing services on initial requirements in recorded interviews, possible research, the actual writing, and the revision stages. This is all incorporated into the word count target and, depending on the genre and topic our ghostwriter is tasked to undertake, costs will be between $0.25c to $0.35c per word.

So to further guide you, if you are keen to write a business book about leadership and the target is 50,000 words then the costs will be approximately $15,000.00. Costs are then split into four payments. In this case, $5625.00 would be the first payment, $3750.00 the second, $3750.00 the third, and the final payment if $1875.00. This makes the financial commitment more manageable for you as the future author.

However, if you do choose to pay the total in full, then we reward your commitment with a 5% discount. Or if you decide to commit to the publishing, marketing and distribution process with Ocean Reeve Publishing along with ghostwriting, then you can save anywhere between 10-15% on a combination of our offerings.  

What’s The Next Step?

Simply email us now at ocean@oceanreeve.com to enquire about our ghostwriting services and discuss your first step into becoming a published author.

Ghostwriting in Australia with Ocean Reeve Publishing

FAQ’s About Ghostwriting

Should you credit the ghostwriter for writing the book?

There are a number of ways that a ghostwriter can be credited for their contribution, if this is what you want. The ghostwriter can receive partial credit (‘with [your name]’ or ‘as told to [your name]’ on the cover), or the acknowledgement may mention the ghostwriter’s contribution.

If you do not wish the ghostwriter to receive any official credit for writing your book, that is absolutely fine. As a team member of Ocean Reeve Publishing, all of our ghostwriters are in agreement to allow the author to decide if they wish to credit the ghostwriter. 

Should we have a contract?

As we are simply providing a service, a contract is not necessary but can be provided if requested. All of our services on offer and the agreement entered into connects directly with our terms and conditions on our website.

Is ghostwriting really for you?

Ghostwriting takes time and costs. It certainly is the correct decision if you doubt your ability to write or don’t have the time, yet still driven to publish. However, an alternative is our Writing Mentorship.