Ocean Reeve Publishing

Become a co-author in the new book ‘Dog Devotion – Queensland’.

Welcome to the new upcoming publication ‘Dog Devotion – Queensland’. 

As an assisted independent publishing house with a team of over 40 years of combined experience, we have discovered certain areas where there is a demand for fresh and unique publications. Based on our research, we have devised a new publication that would be a popular and enjoyable read within Australia and beyond.

We are looking at only 100 co-authors for this project that wish to showcase their beloved pooch. We are limiting it to just 100 dogs as we don’t want to water down the impact we know this book will make.

Simply send us 250-500 words outlining a unique, humorous, or entertaining story about your devoted dog along with 2-3 high-resolution JPEG images. 

If you don’t have any photos, no problem, we can sort that for you.

The publishing process we utilise is called Assisted Independent Publishing. This is a hybrid model that follows the same diligent process as a traditional publisher, yet has costs associated with it, like self-publishing. The main differences between this and self-publishing are that the team working on the book are all under one roof, trained and qualified, and we offer marketing and distribution support.

The investment in this journey is only $200.00. and you will receive 2 copies beautiful hardcover casebound full colour copies of Dog Devotion – Queensland.

If you require a photographer to capture those beautiful images of your pooch, no problem. For an additional $250.00 we can book our photographer to visit you and your dog, capture three images and make them all available to you – high resolution and digitally enhanced.

If the photographer is required, we will be in touch directly to book a time and day that works for you.



Here are some answers to the questions we are expecting you will have.

  1. Who owns the rights to my story and photos? You do, we would provide an agreement stating that all copyright remains with you and publishing rights for this publication only are approved by you.
  2. What if I can’t write? We will be editing and potentially tweaking your text to ensure the story flows and is engaging. You will of course get final approval of the story before it is published.
  3. How much would reprints cost? $50 per copy.