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Register to be a contributor to the ‘COVID19 Home Cooking’ book

As an assisted independent publishing house with a team of over 40 years of combined experience, we have discovered certain areas where there is a lack of resources and publications available to the relative audience. Based on our research, we have discovered the huge increase in families being more innovative in the kitchen during this unusual time managing COVID-19, self-isolation, and quarantine. This has inspired us to put together a home cookbook featuring those very families and their recipes to share with the world.

We are looking at bringing in 50 -100 contributors to this project that can submit the following:

  • a recipe,
  • a photo (or two) of the recipe,
  • a photo of you (or your family),
  • approximately 200 words either introducing your family or the impact COVID-19 has had, or the inspiration behind the meal.

Once submitted we would then take the completed text through to our editing team to ensure your writing flows and all typographical errors have been eliminated. Once done, we would then enter the full publishing process to ensure we publish a professional trade standard full colour hardcover book. We would then produce a print run of over 2500 physical copies where each contributor will receive 50 copies each to either give away or sell.

The publishing process we utilise is called Assisted Independent Publishing. This is a hybrid model that follows the same diligent process as a traditional publisher, yet has costs associated with it like self-publishing. The main differences between this and self-publishing are that the team working on the book are all under the one roof, trained and qualified, and we offer marketing and distribution support.

The cost to contribute to the COVID-19 Home Cooking Book is $495.00 each contributor.


So what exactly does your investment of $495 cover? Below is a breakdown of the process we will implement to bring this book to life.


  • Title Registration
  • Copy Editing and Proofreading/Proof
  • Book Formatting
  • Cover Design
  • ORP Distribution including international Print-On-Demand 
  • Video Book Trailer
  • Book Printing – we would be printing 2500 full colour hardcover books where each contributor would receive 50 copies to sell through their own mediums and channels. 

As earlier mentioned, with Assisted Independent Publishing our focus is to ensure our authors can make the investment back from the first print run. There are several reasons we focus our attention on the return on investment (ROI). The first is that we want you to become a professionally published author and have it cost nothing but time. Second, we know through our current author base that once the ROI is achieved, the drive to write more and print more copies of their books is increased.

The following is a financial forecast calculation to show you how this can work for each of you.

  • Total Investment = $495.00
    • Pre-Sale Price (first three weeks of release) = $19.99
      • Target = 25 sold of 50 books provided
    • Post-Launch Retail Price = $24.99
      • Target = 20 sold of 50 books provided

Considering the average presale results for Ocean Reeve Publishing’s authors during 2018/19 have been around 200, it is highly likely with the connections you have, along with social media profiles, that each contributor would reach that target and beyond during the 3-week pre-sale period. There is also the fact that once you sell your allocated copies we would actually make a healthy profit.

Here are some answers to the questions I am expecting you will have.

  1. Who owns the rights to my recipe? You do, we would provide an agreement stating that all copyright remains with you and publishing rights for this publication only are approved by you.
  2. Do I get royalties of book sales? As you have 50 copies provided to you, which you would make a profit from once the targets previously mentioned are reached, and you have the ability to purchase more books at a cost price – this is where your profit would be generated. Splitting a 40% royalty from sales made through us amongst 10 contributors would be less than $0.80c per book and not worth the administration.
  3. How much would reprints cost? This is dependent on quantity. For example, with printing 2500 books as an initial print run we are looking at around $8.00 per copy. However, if you were to order a reprint of say 50 copies, we could be looking around $11 per copy for paperback versions only. We would need at least 500 ordered to reprint the hardcover version.