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How Do I Publish My Book?

Book Publishing in Australia has never been this good. We have listened to aspiring authors who ask the question; How do I publish my book? As a result, we have established a comprehensive process that will guide you through publishing your book and promoting it successfully. Ocean Reeve Publishing is not a self-publishing company by definition. While we respect that self-publishing has its place, we need to give ourselves as authors the best chance of success. Moreover, traditional publishers are even more restrictive on the titles they take on. Even the best self-publishing companies continue to ignore the need for authors to be supported in marketing and distribution. It’s time for a change.

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Why Are We Different?

Unlike some self-publishing companies in Australia and internationally, we have dedicated ourselves to ensuring our authors have the strategy and opportunity to recover their investment and make an impact. Therefore, we offer professional services through our writing mentoring, the complete book publishing process; early foundation building for authors; pre-sale campaigns, and comprehensive book marketing mentoring. As a result, we are ensuring our authors have the goals and targets with strategies to ensure a full return-on-investment (ROI).

Furthermore, we offer various book printing options that cover any and all needs. eBook development and distribution is a part of our offering. Audiobooks have become more popular. Moreover, general book distribution including promotion to libraries and booksellers internationally is where our authors are heading.`

Whew! That’s a lot! Why? Because it covers everything you need to know on how to publish a book and achieve success. Like we said, book publishing in Australia has never been this good! We highlight the book publishing process simply through this 40-second video below.

Assisted Independent Book Publishing with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Take Action, Believe and Commit

Sounds simple right? The decision to publish a book is almost the equivalent of deciding to have children. Those same trials and tribulations, doubts and reservations, are almost mirrored in publishing as they are in becoming a parent.

Like most new adventures, we tend to come up with a million and one reasons why we shouldn’t do it. But it is the moment when we say ‘yes’ when the exhilaration, joy, and excitement kicks in. It’s not until you express yourself creatively that you will discover the incredible and countless ways that publishing your book can improve your life and business. You may likely join the millions before you and say ‘I should have explored writing and publishing my book sooner.’ 

Before you start talking yourself out of that creative outburst, let’s take a quick look at the reasons why you should start writing now. Yes, now! Not later. Not next year. Now! By procrastinating we open ourselves up to the ease of talking us out of the best things in life. Therefore, our goal is to help inspire you to write that story and here’s why;

Who Want’s To Live Forever?

Freddy Mercury – Queen

Why Should You Publish A Book

#1 You Are Creative

The first and most obvious reason is that you are creative. Without a doubt, you are creative. Everyone is. It’s just that creative expression we had running through us as children was educated out of us. We became part of that mob mentality to fill a quota. Writing is freeing, cathartic, inspiring, exhilarating, and fulfilling. We all have a story, insight or education that we can share. For some of us, it’s more than one. The simple truth is that to become a writer, you just need to say, ‘I want to write a book’ and then write it. To become an author, you just need to say, ‘I want to publish my book’ and then publish it. To create a successful book, we need to promote, market and work with people that can support our vision and dream. 

#2 Personal Growth

Another profound reason is the natural, introspective process that is writing. It helps us grow. For some people, it helps discover our purpose or reinvent our ‘why’. Through the writing process, we gain perspective of our true passion and why it matters so much to us. Moreover, it helps us connect with our values and motivations which is of incredible value to our own growth. Writing is also a learning experience. No matter what genre you are writing, you’re likely to undertake research during this process. As a result, this opens you up to new ideas and new ways of thinking. You’ll be energised by the lifelong learning component in writing. You will resurface as a published author with lessons to share. From that, many doors can open for you in speaking, interviews and other professional opportunities.

#3 Why Not?

Finally, why you should write? Why not? Life in the 21st Century has presented us with many obligations – kids, work, tax, bills, health, politics, security, equality, status, wellbeing. Let’s be honest, it’s monotonous, boring and frustrating. While certain elements of these do give us fulfilment, these obligations also produce suffering and pain. We tend to create a bubble around ourselves to protect us from the doubt and anxiety they can often cause. By doing so, we are restricting our possibilities.

Writing and then learning how to publish a book pops that bubble. We are taking action with something unfamiliar and yes, it can be scary, we get that. But, that’s why it’s also exciting. The only way you can grow as a person is by forcing yourself to leave your comfort zone. In the space of Assisted Independent Book Publishing, you are not alone in this adventure. Along with the publishing team, you are supported in your marketing and distribution. You can even organise a literary agent with us to further your dream.

Ocean Reeve Publishing offers superior independent book publishing services that steps you up above the self-publishing process.
Self-Publishing, Traditional Publishing or Assisted Independent Publishing – the choice is yours!

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Self-Publishing Companies

The next exciting development in this space of book publishing is the evolution of the industry. Many years ago, the only answer to that question ‘How do I publish my book’ was to shoot for the stars and pitch to a traditional publisher. Or spend huge amounts of money to walk the vanity publishing road. Self-publishing developed and opened up a huge world of opportunity for aspiring authors to publish their work.

However, with the market swamped by so many self-publishing companies, there were organisations and individuals who did not act in the best interests of vulnerable creatives looking to share their story. Corruption exists in every industry including the publishing industry. Many of these self-publishing companies bring no professional education or training to the table. There is also very little marketing support offered by self-publishing companies in Australia or internationally.

We must add that not all self-publishing houses in Australia or worldwide are unethical. In fact, some of the best self-publishing companies in Australia specifically, do offer quality services. However, like many industries, one bad apple and…well, you know the rest. This is where Assisted Independent Book Publishing enters the publishing industry. Above all, you are working with a team of highly trained, professionals to bring your writing to A+ class requirements. Above all, you are publishing a book with high industry standards, and market creatively with pride. Furthermore, it is now affordable and easy to implement. 

How Do I Publish My Book?

When looking into how to publish your book, you need to accept it will cost time, money, resources, and people. Firstly, the time we can structure. Secondly, the people we can all on. Next, the resources needed tend to be already available. However, if there is no ROI in writing and publishing, we have to look at why we are doing it. At very least, we should aim to make our investment back. Once you commit those ideas flowing around inside you to paper, and then publish your book, can you actually earn income from Assisted Independent Book Publishing.

Remarkably, only a tiny percentage of the population will ever publish a book. So while it seems the book market is swamped, in fact, it’s not. It is just popular. By publishing your book, you will fit into the creative community. Consequently, you will also stand out as a creative individual who has published a unique book. Regardless of genre, the fact you are an author presents a level of authority and credibility towards your professional career. It matters. Books matter.

Creative Expression and Legacy in Book Publishing

Freddy Mercury said it best…’Who Wants To Live Forever?’. We can’t decide how long we will be here but we can decide on how well we’ll live while we’re here. By expressing ourselves creatively, authentically, with no barriers or social expectations, we can own who we are and our ‘why‘. Through writing, we expose elements of ourselves we never thought we could. By then publishing, we can then offer it to the world for consumption, feedback, enjoyment, education, the list goes on. Long after we are gone, those publications will still be here and making an impact. Therefore, by publishing, we establish our legacy, and it is here to stay.

Book Publishing – So Ask Yourself…

You are reading this for a reason. Maybe you have been contemplating writing a book for a while. Possibly something has happened in your world that you wish to share or educate others in. Perhaps you just have a crazy story to tell. No more excuses! You are here to take action; believe in your creative expression; and create a legacy. So commit to your dream and reach out to make it a reality.

There you have it! Any reason not to write? No? Maybe just one. You may not know where to start or how to structure your writing. All good, we can help you. We have specialists who can mentor you through the writing process. This is regardless of whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, in whatever genre. The mentorship is structured through two face-to-face conference calls. Following that are a series of developmental critiques as you write. This is so you are supported through the process the entire time.

Introduction to Writing Mentoring

Firstly we set up a video conference call with you and establish what you want to write and your vision. We discuss the outline, crafting of your story and set timelines. Then you are set two tasks to complete. Next, we review your submissions. We set up a second conference call where we discuss the homework and develop your writing structure and style. We also guide you through several developmental skills so you can begin the writing process.

From there, you are tasked to complete chapters in batches of two which are then structurally critiqued. These critiques dig deeper into your writing to ensure the fluidity, sentencing, and flow of the manuscript. It needs to be enticing, logical and connect with your reader. We continue this process until the end of the manuscript. Once approved, you then self-edit to ensure you have delivered your message or story that you aimed to deliver. If you would like to inquire about the writing mentorship program, please click below. You will be taken to a page where you go through the process and costs are unpacked further. Submit your interest and of the team will contact you to discuss.