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Book Printing – Print-On-Demand, Digital, Offset

Printing your book – that moment in time where your baby comes to life. First, we produce a physical proof copy. From this, it is your final chance to have one more check before we begin printing your book. Our printers are all specialists in book printing and production.

There are many options when heading into print. The paper stock, finish of the covers and binding preference are all key elements we have to take into consideration. Moreover, this is usually discussed long before we reach the print stage. The most suitable options to align with your market and expectations are all considered.

Your Options in Book Printing

We look at our various book printing choices, such as varying paper stocks, gloss or matte finishes on covers, embossed or Spot UV titles and graphics. Furthermore, the same applies to binding. Such as perfect binding, PUR binding, hardcover binding, saddle stitch, and even spiral binding.

Quantities available to print range from 50 – 5000. Furthermore, we have strong and trusted relationships with printers internationally. From Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, and China, we can meet your needs. Therefore, no matter what your requests may be, we can stand by the print quality of our books. Additionally, they are then dispatched to you, or your market, from anywhere in the world. For information on our Print-On-Demand service, click here.

Ocean Reeve Publishing - Book Printing
Ocean Reeve Publishing – Book Printing

Book Printing Timelines

The biggest question we’re asked when we reach the book printing stage is ‘how long until I receive my books?’ A very good question. If we are printing through our digital printers, then you can expect a print run to take 10-14 business days. Of course, this is once we have approval of the proof copy. Similarly, if you are producing a hardcover book or the quantity printed is more than 1000 books, then allow 6-8 weeks. As we’re likely to print your book in China through offset book printing, we need to also allow for shipping and customs clearance. Furthermore, on arrival, they’re quality checked and then couriered to your destination.

Book Marketing

In saying that, this does not mean you should sit idle waiting for the books to arrive. We recommend that our authors undertake the Book Marketing Mentorship. This is where we implement a tailored pre-sale strategy to ensure you have made sales before their arrival at your door.

There is no doubt the emotional reaction you will have when you finally hold your book is going to be big. Printing your book means we have reached a massive milestone. Furthermore, often that feeling over overwhelm is more than expected. ‘Oh no, now I have to sell them!’ So it is critical an author platform is in place and a pre-sale campaign active. You will still have an emotional reaction, followed by ‘Right, now I have to post out those book sales!’ This immediately breaks down the walls into marketing. Consequently, you now have a flow happening. You can continue building awareness through the tools and strategies we offer in the Mentorship.