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You – the author – are 90% of the reason your book will sell. Therefore, it is logical to expect that your belief, passion, excitement, enthusiasm, and energy will get readers excited about buying your book. However, we need to let the world know that this passion and purpose exists and that can be uncharted waters for many who are not familiar with the process of the industry.

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.

Tom Fishburne


Ocean Reeve Publishing has worked for years in redefining book marketing success for authors. As a result, we have now developed a foundation from where authors can launch themselves into the marketplace with confidence. 

The Issue – How Do You Sell Books?

Some authors write for themselves and their families. Therefore, there is no desire to see their books as bestsellers in the marketplace. For others, they write for a very specific personal need to tell their story. Likewise, some have unique insight into specialist topics and write to further establish themselves as an expert in their field. Others have aspirations of seeing their book as a physical best seller in bookstores or on Amazon. Therefore, each author is different. Similarly, each author’s purpose is different. So to define book marketing success for you we need to ascertain your vision and your purpose.

The Solution – Marketing My Book

We have tested and proven book marketing strategies that have become the strength of our authors. Furthermore, our personalised and tailored Book Marketing Mentorship program has established the core of their success. As a result, our authors are pre-selling their books prior to a single copy being printed. In fact, several are reprinting within weeks and their vision and purpose are being firmly established with every copy sold. Now it’s your turn!


The Book Marketing Mentorship with Ocean Reeve Publishing is here to clarify your foundation and path forward as a published author with proven strategies, tools and action plans, we start marketing long before the published books arrive.
Ocean Reeve Publishing – Book Marketing Mentorship

My experience with Ocean Reeve was like winning the gold lotto! What really impressed me was the Book Marketing Mentoring Program. As McAllister was my first book, I was unsure about the marketing. After the mentoring sessions, I departed with a greater understanding of what I needed to do. Following the program step by step, I have been amazed at the results. My book was published in May 2016 and had five print runs of 500 within that year. I am now republished with Allen & Unwin and have my own audiobook. I refer to my mentoring guide book often as it is my companion and have gone on to sell over 8000 copies of my story. It has been a huge comfort to me knowing Ocean is there as my mentor. Totally recommend this program to anyone about to publish their book. Jenny OldMcAllister/Back of Beyond www.jennyold.com

Why Book Marketing Mentoring?

The Book Marketing Mentorship is here to clarify your author platform and path forward. Furthermore, we want to ensure you step into book marketing with confidence and a winning attitude. Above all, we share expert knowledge, tangible tools, proven strategies, and easily managed structure. Almost certainly, we need to start marketing the moment we commit to writing. So it is never too early or late to begin your mentorship into the ‘yellow brick road’ that is book marketing!

Ocean Reeve Publishing Author A Jane


What a brilliant Mentor and Publisher. Ocean gave me all the tools I needed to self publish my novel ‘The Harris Sisters.’ He helped me every step of the way and being a novice I welcomed all the advice I could get. A trustworthy, genuine publisher that goes above and beyond to get you from A-Z. My books have been printed and look amazing. Thank you Ocean for bringing my dreams to reality! Amie Solomon – The Harris Sisters www.authorajane.com


What’s Involved In The Book Marketing Mentorship?

This program involves nine 60-90 minute sessions in-person or via video call. We take you through several modules to create your foundation for success. First, we explore both personal and professional development. Within that, we calculate your return-on-investment and targets. Next, we establish the pre-sale preparation and action plan. Once in place, we look at book launch and local activity in book marketing. In addition, online engagement and traditional marketing both play a huge part in the longevity of your book and are also put in place. Finally, once the mentorship is completed, there will not be one area of book marketing that wouldn’t have been covered. This includes ho to then establisha  career as an author.

Ocean Reeve Publishing - Author Andy Zagami

I found Ocean online a few years ago after speaking with a few publishers. From day 1 he was extremely helpful and took care of everything for me. He showed me what was happening every step of the way and made sure I was happy with each part of the process before we moved on. Working with Ocean made the whole process of publishing my first book a lot easier and far more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. Thanks Ocean for being a huge help towards getting my message out there, for being an inspirational human being and becoming a good friend.- Andy Zagami – Unbreakable www.unbreakablebook.com 

What Can I Expect From The Book Marketing Mentorship?

Your mentor, Ocean Reeve, has had over two decades working in the creative space. Primarily his role was to sell and promote. Moreover, Ocean has mentored over 300 creatives with 70% making the investment back within 6-9 months. 30% of those authors have successfully made their ROI back within the pre-sale period. Without a doubt, this program sets every author up for success.

I found Ocean and he inspired me to take the risks, trust myself, break some rules, to not be afraid to fail, ignore the naysayers, work like hell and give something back. So I did. I committed to the process, regardless of the work as I know I have something to give back. Book one and two are in my hands as i type. (Not literally, as I couldn’t type as well) but here on my desk awaiting the launch. Its been tough, but Ocean is there for me. Always helping, invested in my success and i am not going to let him down. I encourage new writers to email or pick up the phone and have a chat to Ocean..- Clive Johnson – The Eye Of Egypt Series www.clivejohnsonauthor.com

The Book Marketing Mentorship Breakdown

SESSION ONE – Personal Development

  • Six Steps To Book Marketing Success
  • The Ten Towers Of Triumph
  • Top Marketing Principles From The Experts

SESSION TWO – Professional Development

  • Discovering The Purpose Of Your Book
  • Establishing Goals & Targets
  • Set your RRP & Impact Of Discounts

SESSION THREE – Pre-Sale (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART I: establishment)

  • Module 1: Refine Your Elevator Pitch
  • Module 2: Early Reviews and Celebrity/Influencer Endorsements
  • Module 3: Website Development
  • Module 4: Building Your List
  • Module 5: Social Media
  • Additional: Developing Your Action Plan

SESSION FOUR – Pre-Sale (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART II: development)

  • Module 6: Cultivating Positive Attitude
  • Module 7: Media Kit and Press Release
  • Module 8: Webinar Development
  • Module 9: Pre-Sale Strategy Overview
  • Module 10: Physical Book Launch Event

SESSION FIVE – Your Pre-Sale Strategy (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART III: preperation) 

  • Pre-Sale Strategy: Staged Book Marketing Strategy for Pre-Sale including Day-by-Day Tasks 

SESSION SIX – Physical Marketing (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART IV: local activity)

  • Post Launch Checklist
  • Module 11: Awards and Commendations
  • Module 12: Media Activity
  • Module 13: Specialty Store Marketing
  • Module 14: Public Speaking
  • Module 15: Bookstores & Libraries

SESSION SEVEN – Digital Marketing (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART V: global activity)

  • Module 16: Online Book Promotion
  • Module 17: Blogging and Articles
  • Module 18: Web Forums
  • Module 19: Podcasting
  • Module 20: Video Marketing
  • Module 21: Ongoing Reviews (including Amazon Best Seller Strategy)

SESSION EIGHT – Marketing Strategy Review 

  • Module 22: Recap And Q&A
  • Module 23: What’s Next?

SESSION NINE  – A Career as an Author

  • Module 24: How to Earn $100k a Year as an Author

Ocean Reeve Publishing - Author Marisa Ferraro


Working with Ocean has given me a step up in my creative platform as well as given me inner strength and motivation. I have learnt a lot and the mentor program is invaluable and something you can take with you and use in all aspects of business as well as books. It was a great tool to learn. I wouldn’t have known what I know had I not leaped. Marisa Ferraro – The Stilleto Women www.missmarisa.com.au 




To complement the Book Marketing Mentorship, we develop personalised pre-sale strategies. Implemented correctly, it can potentially sell-out a standard print run of 500+ books before a single copy is printed. Initially tested in May 2016, an author implemented a pre-sale after feeling he would only print 50 books. Almost certainly, his reasoning came from a place of doubt. Therefore, Ocean educated him on a pre-sale strategy. Consequently, he ran the strategy over a weekend. As a result, he had successfully pre-sold over 450 books in three days. In fact, 720 were sold before we began printing. As a result, the author was inspired to write a second and third book, all of which pre-sold with ease. Similarly, other results have left authors with pre-sales also in the hundreds and it has kick-started their marketing. Furthermore, this strategy is included FREE with the Mentorship. However, it can be purchased independently.

A pre-sale strategy will help get the ball rolling in your book sales, before the books arrive.


Creating your own personal brand allows readers to know you outside of the book. Moreover, it enables you to connect and build relationships. After all, all sales are based on relationships. Hence why websites and social media have made relationship building and engagement with your potential audience easier. First of all, they allow you to directly share your creativity and thoughts with people. If you have a marketing strategy that doesn’t involve a website, you’re certainly missing out on a lot. For that reason, Ocean Reeve Publishing develops template based, easy-to-navigate, author-focused websites. Furthermore, they are user-friendly and effective. The website package includes domain name registration, web hosting, and site management for 1 year. Additionally, we include the SEO implementation, purchasing options, video facilities, event calendar, and more if needed. Finally, all sites are built with complete author access and ownership.

Develop professional author websites with Ocean Reeve Book Publishing


The promotion of an author is critical. After all, you’re the brand and the book is your product. Therefore, you must represent your brand professionally. For that reason, we recommend that you have quality author photos produced. Above all, your photos should identify you as someone who takes their work seriously. In contrast, a mistake many people make is thinking their picture is saying ‘this is me’. It isn’t, it’s saying ‘I am an author’. Readers perceive being an author as an absolute state. Similarly, you are either a complete professional or just pretending. Therefore, your author photo needs to suggest you are the ideal type of person to be writing about a specific subject. This is your persona, a representation of yourself centered around advertising your work. It is certainly not a complete reflection of you as a person, but only those facets that fit with your work. 

Professional author photos will lift you from a self-published author to a serious independent author.


Author Interviews are essential in achieving your vision of having people understand your ‘why’. As a result, it taps into the purpose and passion behind your book. Networking is a critical component of book marketing. Similarly, self-promotion exists in this process. It’s crucial to your success to build awareness that you are an author. Furthermore, it helps to highlight what you’ve written and why people should invest in your story, knowledge, and legacy. In contrast, many negative connotations typically come to mind when thinking about self-promotion. Likewise, most people feel uncomfortable and not confident when talking about themselves. However, if you’re not comfortable claiming your achievement as a published author, it’ll be difficult. As a result, near impossible to get any major traction for your book. That’s right! You’ve got to yell it from the rooftops, so yell loudly with a video Author Interview!

Your Website Title
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014


Video Book Trailers bring your work to life in a way that offers a fresh perspective. With video marketing bringing in more interaction, book trailers play an important role in your marketing. The elements of your book trailer need to be striking and professional. Images, video footage, and music are brought together effectively. This result is a video representation of your book that will inspire. Furthermore, the duration of your trailer is very significant. Many authors are very passionate and have a lot that they wish to include. However, the longer the video, the less likely people will watch the full clip. We ensure trailers are 30 – 90 seconds max. Ocean Reeve Publishing develops your trailer to feature on YouTube primarily. But it also includes social media and your website. In addition, we encourage authors to upload it to Amazon, Goodreads, and websites that openly screen book trailers.


When you’re promoting your book, it’s sensible to ensure that key information about you and your book are easily accessible. Furthermore, it is about being prepared for any new opportunity that presents itself. In addition, ensuring you are providing quick and professional service for people who are requesting information about you. Similarly, the easier you make it for someone who is willing to promote your book to gain information, the higher the likelihood you will gain a positive outcome. Consequently, no matter what medium, the more informed they are, the better the piece will be. Almost certainly, a media kit is the perfect medium in which to capture all the information you need in one document. While you may not plan to promote to traditional media, it makes you look professional. Furthermore,  you’ll find you will refer to it more often than you may expect.

Media Kits are critical. Let's make it easy for people to discover who you are and your published works.


Book reviews are vital for authors. Moreover, if you get people talking, it will generate more interest. The result being, more people will read it just to see what all the hype is about. In addition, reviews also give you social credibility. When other authors support your writing, all of their fans may potentially become yours. Above all, the majority of reviews will be fair, albeit subjective. Therefore, you will accumulate a decent number of favourable statements to use in your marketing. Similarly, the development of honest and non-generic book reviews is essential in building awareness behind your book. For that reason, Ocean Reeve Publishing implements an international book review program that aims at securing five constructive reviews. Furthermore, if successful in receiving two 5-Star reviews, then further promotion for your book is implemented through the program operators on social media and Google.

Book Reviews are essential to your awareness. There is no book without people and reviews and endorsements create activity..


As an author, your promotional purposes are likely to involve seminars, events, public speaking, workshops, and general networking. Therefore, promotional tools like business cards, flyers and bookmarks are great added value when books are purchased. Furthermore, they are effective marketing tools for those yet to buy. Consequently, Ocean Reeve Publishing designs and prints a standard package offering. This includes 1x pull up banner, 500 business cards, flyers, and bookmarks. All are printed single sided and full colour. In addition, we can tailor your needs. This includes magnets, rack cards, posters, t-shirts, and even more. Similarly, the power of promotion begins with great brand awareness and recognition. Therefore, font consistency with your author name, brand, and logo, colours, and wording all need to be replicated across your website, cover, videos and of course, your promotional material. 

Promotional Material is essential for local promotion of you as an author and the publication.


No matter what your book is about and how well known you are, you can always benefit from a well-written press release. Even if you don’t have that “Oprah story”, you do have a story –your story. That message can potentially get you coverage in trade journals, magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, and more. Of course, you can’t get that publicity unless you tell your story. Hence the needs for a press release. For that reason, Ocean Reeve Publishing can draft your post-launch release and send it to media through an online PR distribution list. From there, editors and journalists will decide if they’d like to use you and your book as a story. If they do, they’ll usually contact you for an interview. Alternatively, they may choose to run the story as it stands. (Further strategic tools for media features in the Book Marketing Mentorship).

A press release is essential in the promotion of your published book.