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Book Marketing Mentorship Program

The Book Marketing Mentorship with Ocean Reeve Publishing is here to clarify your foundation and path forward as a published author with proven strategies, tools and action plans, we start marketing long before the published books arrive.
Ocean Reeve Publishing – Book Marketing Mentorship

How do I market my book? Such a common question and a vital one. In this new age of technology and content overflow, we need to explore book marketing from outside the box. Taking on traditional strategies, digital marketing, and creative thinking together with working alongside an experienced and qualified professional is the most logical step. Not only to learn how to market your book but also how that marketing will actually generate sales, reviews, and longevity for your book and you as an author.

We have tested and proven book marketing strategies that have become the foundation for our authors. Furthermore, our personalised and tailored Book Marketing Mentorship Program has established the core of their success. As a result, our authors are pre-selling their books prior to a single copy being printed. In fact, several are reprinting within weeks and their vision and purpose are being firmly established with every copy sold. Now it’s your turn!

Below are two options for you in the Book Marketing Mentorship Program. The first is the tailored 1-on-1 mentoring which consists of nine sessions that are held either in-person or via video call (SKYPE/ZOOM). Each session runs for 60-90 minutes. The first three sessions are held over a 3 week period and the following six sessions are then scheduled at a pace that works for you as the author. This option costs $2997.00AUD.

The second option with the Book Marketing Mentorship is a PDF package and online program. Here you receive all the workbooks for each session, including access to the online video program of Session #1, addons to support each session, and, if desired, you can book 1-on-1 sessions when or if needed. This option costs $1500.00AUD.

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Why do the Book Marketing Mentoring Program?

The Book Marketing Mentorship Program is here to solidify your author platform and path forward. Furthermore, we want to ensure you step into book marketing with confidence and a winning attitude. Above all, using traditional, digital, and creative marketing strategies we share expert knowledge, tangible tools, proven modules, and an easy to manage structure.

Almost certainly, we need to start marketing the moment we commit to writing. So it is never too early or late to begin your mentorship into the ‘yellow brick road’ that is book marketing! Below is the full breakdown of the 9 SESSION – 24 MODULE comprehensive Book Marketing Mentorship Program.

The Book Marketing Mentorship Breakdown

SESSION ONE – Personal Development

  • Six Steps To Book Marketing Success
  • The Ten Towers Of Triumph
  • Top Marketing Principles From The Experts

SESSION TWO – Professional Development

  • Discovering The Purpose Of Your Book
  • Establishing Goals & Targets
  • Set your RRP & Impact Of Discounts

SESSION THREE – Pre-Sale (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART I: establishment)

  • Module 1: Refine Your Elevator Pitch
  • Module 2: Early Reviews and Celebrity/Influencer Endorsements
  • Module 3: Website Development
  • Module 4: Building Your List
  • Module 5: Social Media
  • Additional: Developing Your Action Plan

SESSION FOUR – Pre-Sale (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART II: development)

  • Module 6: Cultivating Positive Attitude
  • Module 7: Media Kit and Press Release
  • Module 8: Webinar Development
  • Module 9: Pre-Sale Strategy Overview
  • Module 10: Physical Book Launch Event

SESSION FIVE – Your Pre-Sale Strategy (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART III: preparation) 

  • Pre-Sale Strategy: Staged Book Marketing Strategy for Pre-Sale including Day-by-Day Tasks 

SESSION SIX – Physical Marketing (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART IV: local activity)

  • Post Launch Checklist
  • Module 11: Awards and Commendations
  • Module 12: Media Activity
  • Module 13: Specialty Store Marketing
  • Module 14: Public Speaking
  • Module 15: Bookstores & Libraries

SESSION SEVEN – Digital Marketing (Staged Marketing Campaign – PART V: global activity)

  • Module 16: Online Book Promotion
  • Module 17: Blogging and Articles
  • Module 18: Web Forums
  • Module 19: Podcasting
  • Module 20: Video Marketing
  • Module 21: Ongoing Reviews (including Amazon Best Seller Strategy)

SESSION EIGHT – Marketing Strategy Review 

  • Module 22: Recap And Q&A
  • Module 23: What’s Next?

SESSION NINE – A Career as an Author

  • Module 24: How to Earn $100k a Year as an Author


Josh Clifton - Publish A Book with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Joshua Clifton – Marketing Mentor

Ocean Reeve

Ocean Reeve – Marketing Mentor 

Your mentors, Ocean Reeve and Joshua Clifton have had over thirty years combined working in the creative space, marketing, and customer relationships.

Primarily, Ocean’s core role has been to sell and promote to the bookstore industry. This award-winning publishing consultant has merged traditional, digital, and creative marketing strategies and approaches to position authors in a strong and influential space with their books. His transparent and honest approach to generating success has been immensely powerful for all under his guidance within the Book Marketing Mentorship Program.

Joshua holds a marketing degree and has actually gone through the mentorship as an author. He too also asked the question “how do I market my book” and it was from the Book Marketing Mentorship Program that he began generating success, including numerous global articles, guest speaking spots and even receiving a finalist commendation in the Australian Business Book Awards 2019. That commitment and diligence to the Book Marketing Mentorship Program caused Ocean to bring Joshua into the Ocean Reeve Publishing team. Now inspiring, mentoring, and supporting authors all over the world, Joshua is ORP’s lead mentor.

Together, Ocean and Joshua have mentored over 500 creatives with 70% making their investment back within 6-9 months. 30% of those authors successfully made their ROI back within the pre-sale period. Without a doubt, this program sets every author up for success.

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Greg Gunther - Book Marketing Mentorship Program with Ocean Reeve Publishing

I had the exciting experience last week of having the first cope of my book, “Feet First” handed to me personally by Ocean. His process of helping me get to this point has been invaluable. I feel very proud of what we have achieved and without Ocean’s mentoring and support I am confident we would not have the polished product we now have. If you are contemplating taking on the challenge of writing your own book can I suggest you make sure you get in touch with Ocean and invest the time and money into his mentorship…you will be glad you did. Greg Gunther – Feet First www.yourbusinessmomentum.com.au/


Nancy Strom - Book Marketing Mentorship Program with Ocean Reeve Publishing

My first children’s book Scooter and Friends Take a Vacation was published in December 2019, and it was Ocean Reeve Publishing that helped me accomplish this life-time dream. I knew I had struck gold. Ocean has taught me not only about publishing in today’s world, but also about my genre. I also took on the Book Marketing Mentoring program and recommend that to anyone who lacks a solid marketing background – which was me in a nutshell. Kudos to Ocean, Jason, and the whole ORP team – thank you so very much!! – Nancy Strom – Scooter and Friends Take A Vacation www.nancystrom.com


Ocean is highly committed to authors getting them-selves out there so their stories are heard. Working with him allowed me to stay aware of the next step in the process and his support through each step was incredibly valuable. It was exactly what I needed. Terence Sweeney – The World of Value www.terencesweeney.com 



Joanna Barclay - Book Marketing Mentorship Program with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Ocean Reeve Publishing is a creative powerhouse. His team is amazing and have done incredible work with the content of my book. He sees what the possibilities are and makes it happen. Thank you so much for all your support, confidence and guidance. You are helping me change the world and what more can a person ask for?!!! – Joanna Barclay – Conscious Culture www.cultureleadershipgroup.com 



Luke Amery - Author - Ocean Reeve Publishing

When the doctor, grabs you by the arm and states clearly Luke we need to talk! That conversation has totally changed my life, since overcoming Brain Cancer in 2014, I was left wondering what does my future hold. Coming from Open Cut Mining Background earning a 6 figure income, working 80 hours per week I never thought that writing a book would be achievable! Looking back now, I noticed a few simple strategies that really got me over the line of FEAR! 1. Being open to the process that anything is possible, 2. Becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. 3. Life has no limitations except the ones we make. Writing my book was the start of my recovery process, but I knew deep in my heart that my true story on overcoming brain cancer needed to get out into the universe. Meeting Ocean & the ORP Team was a pure gift of Law of Attraction. Ocean Reeve Publishing stepped in and open the front door for new possibilities I never thought would be possible. We get these crazy ideas that we can publish a book on our own. Totally wrong! We need to open our hearts and our minds to a new concept of book publishing. See meeting like-minded positive, goal achievers who are not afraid to call themselves awesome creatives has been pure bliss not just for me, but my brand #GanbaruMindset Helping me step out and not being afraid of the naysayers. I am truly grateful for the ORP team. Luke Amery – Ganbaru Mindset www.ganbarumindset.com.au

Ritu Mehrish Author


Ocean has been a fantastic mentor first in my writing journey and now in my book marketing journey! I would highly highly recommend (in fact have already done) him and his team to the aspiring authors! – Ritu Mehrish – Leader’s Block www.ritumehrish.com




As a mentor Ocean has helped me to grow in other areas, such as personal development, and to step out of my comfort zone when meeting the many challenges that publishing and marketing hold.
Ocean is willing to go the extra mile for each of his authors and is never too busy to deal with any concerns. I find this a rare commodity in today’s world where you can become ‘lost in the crowd.’ Ocean has treated me as a friend and colleague and shown genuine desire to see me succeed as a published author.
 – Peter Boey – Voyage to the Bottom of the Bathtub


Jen Compton - Author - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Since I first published Life’s a Mango, Ocean has been there guiding and mentoring me every step of the way. He’s more than walked that extra mile for me and even now he is helping me set myself up as a marriage and funeral celebrant! – Jen Compton – Life’s a Mango www.jencompton.com



Samuel Colbran - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Ocean Reeve has gone out of his way to help me in every way, and this is when I was not paying him! He has been there for all my ups and downs, fears and triumphs. It was in our first mentoring session that he asked me a question that rocked my core, do I think I am an author? At first, I ummed and ahhed and now I am ‘F’ing yeah, I am!’ I have had an issue with my motivation or creativity, every time I contact Ocean he helps me, no questioning or thinking it was a waste of his time, Ocean just helps me. Would other publishers do that?  My creative future is in the wonderful, passionate hands of Ocean Reeve and I would trust no one else with my legacy!. Samuel Colbran – Lake Merrin www.samuelcolbran.com


My husband and I published my first book “The Rainbow Zoo – Wild Afterlife” through Ocean Reeve Publishing this year. It is an honour to provide a 5 star review for Ocean and the ORP Team. Why? They know what 5 star service is. They believe in honesty. They are authentic. They value integrity. They understand loyalty. They are professionals. They are trustworthy. They encourage creativity. They have a wonderful sense of humour. They are incredibly generous … I could go on. Personally, I think Ocean and his wife Vicki-Jane are amazing. Being the heart and strength of ORP they have provided a solid foundation for their business structure to grow and flourish from. This says a lot … coming from me! As a Qld police officer I find it very difficult to trust people & many reasons to doubt them. I highly recommend ORP if you’re thinking about writing a book … publishing a book … or even reading a book! – Debz Pokai – The Rainbow Zoo www.lollipoprockpublications.com


I found Ocean and he inspired me to take the risks, trust myself, break some rules, to not be afraid to fail, ignore the naysayers, work like hell and give something back. So I did. I committed to the mentoring process, knowing Ocean Reeve Publishing is there for me. Always helping, invested in my success and I am not going to let them down. I encourage new writers to email or pick up the phone and have a chat to them.- Clive Johnson – The Eye Of Egypt Series www.clivejohnsonauthor.com


Jodi Reeves Author Ocean Reeve Publishing

Ocean Reeve Publishing are professional and caring. They are a publishing business that becomes like family, this personal touch is what I truly appreciate. They help not just publish your book but along the way they nurture you into becoming a successful author!! Yes they have the knowledge – decades of it…Yes they know marketing – an often overlooked yet vital component of your books success…Yes they have the team – incredible designers, editors, marketers etc…Yes they have the contacts – great printers etc. All of this is important but they have something else. They have a heart and it is huge!!! The whole team at ORP care. They care about your book, your success, your dream and YOU!! After publishing my first book in Decmeber 2019 and having ORP by my side from the beginning I cannot recommend them enough. – Jodi Reeves – Get to Know You www.jodi-reeves.com


Tom Stodulka - Author - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Moving through editing, mentoring, coaching, delivery and soon to the launch I have gained wonderful insights into a world hitherto quite unknown. We have worked hard and enjoyed every step of the way. You become a member of the ORP team and feel like you are a part of the family. With such support and encouragement you actively think about the next book. Why wouldn’t you when you can be assured of professionalism and service every step of the way. Thanks so much Ocean and Jason. Can’t wait to complete the second book. Tom Stodulka – Storm Clouds & Silver Linings www.tomstodulkaauthor.com


Jen Calvert - Author - Ocean Reeve Publishing

Ocean Reeve Publishing are facilitators of creative expression, bringing stories to life, making a difference in the world and, making writer’s dreams come true. I began my journey into publishing in 2018, with the Book Marketing Mentorship and I believe this is essential in understanding the publishing industry, marketing and recognising the reason why you are writing and what your message is. It has been such an incredible experience working with Ocean Reeve, he has such an enthusiasm and passion for creative expression and he is passionate about the impact creativity has in our lives and in the lives of others. When I first started out I didn’t know if I had what it took to be a published author but, I have grown in confidence and knocked down any barriers that stood before me. Thanks to Ocean Reeve Publishing and their commitment, dedication and support I have achieved my dream of publishing, but also I have learnt so much about who I am as a creative and what I am capable of. Jennifer Calvert – The Adventures of Polly Rocket www.jennifercalvertwriter.com


Lynne Heuermann - Author - Ocean Reeve Publishing

At first I thought “wow” this is so daunting, and the thought of marketing myself and getting myself out there was not only scary but totally overwhelming. But Ocean’s mentoring program has broken each section down into modules and gives you a wonderful step by step process, that way your’e only tackling one piece at a time. Suddenly it’s not so daunting and can actually be fun – who would have thought 🙂 Ocean has left no stone unturned and he covers absolutely everything you need to know about publishing and marketing your book. His knowledge in this area combined with this passion is so inspirational that I find myself wanting to write more books. Thanks for everything, it’s truly been a remarkable journey. Lynne Heuermann – Sophia and the Spirits


Donna Leigh-Perfect - Ocean Reeve Publishing


My I have published three books in the past 12 months and two of those books were with Ocean Reeve Publishing. Ocean has a very professional team of people that handle every aspect of the publishing process with ease. Their mentorship program is a simple step by step system which makes publishing for first time authors far less overwhelming. If you are looking to write that book that I believe is inside all of us, take that first step to realising your dream by having a chat with Ocean Reeve Publishing – Donna-Leigh Perfect – The Adventures of Jessie and Rocky Rockstar www.donna-leighperfect.com


Ocean Reeve Publishing Author A Jane


What a brilliant Mentor and Publisher. Ocean gave me all the tools I needed to publish my novel ‘The Harris Sisters.’ He helped me every step of the way and being a novice I welcomed all the advice I could get. A trustworthy, genuine publisher that goes above and beyond to get you from A-Z. My books have been printed and look amazing. Thank you Ocean for bringing my dreams to reality! Amie Solomon – The Harris Sisters www.authorajane.com