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Book Distribution for Authors

Book distribution can be challenging. We know that it is very hard to find book distributors for indie or self-publishers. There is a good reason for that. There are very few. That is why we have established our own book distribution method. The aim of this is to further increase the awareness of your publication. 

Let’s start by exploring the definition of book distribution. Book distribution can be confusing. As a process of publishing, it is “to issue for sale or distribution to the public.” We are one of only a few publishing companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast offering internal distribution options.

Book Distribution with Ocean Reeve Publishing
Book Distribution with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Book Distribution with Ocean Reeve Publishing

In this case, Ocean Reeve Publishing’s Book Distribution costs $595 to implement and includes the following;

  • listing your title in our ORP quarterly catalog which is both emailed to every library in Australia and Australian library supplier. It is also posted to the library suppliers. In addition, a marketing campaign is then initiated over the course of that quarter, specifically to the library market, focusing on the latest releases.
  • listing your title on our online bookstores https://www.oceanreeve.com/bookstore and https://www.oceanreevepublishing.com/shop/
  • submission of the title to all independent bookstores throughout Australia.
  • we list your title on Thorpe Bowker, Nielsen’s Book Data, and Title Sheets, to ensure the latest information is reflected and available for the book selling industry to access.
  • we list your title on the following online selling channels – Booktopia, Fishpond, The Nile, University Co-op Bookstore, Australian War Memorial, Koorong Bookstores, Tafe Bookstore, Amazon US and UK, Barnes & Noble, Chapters Indigo, Waterstones, Paperback Shop, Bertrams, Blackwell, Book Depository, Eden Interactive, Coutts Information Services, Paperback Shop Ltd, Superbookdeals, Gardners, The Book Community Ltd along with our titles being made readily available and accessible to all independent bookstores in Australia, US, and the UK. 
  • we submit your title to a genre relevant Advance Catalog that specifically targets libraries and independent bookstores in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

We see our book distribution network to be the strength of the relationship with our authors. Hence we are always researching and putting into action new initiatives to further reach your potential audience. As of 2020, we are embarking on a targeted library campaign to the public library sector in the United States where there are almost 10,000 independent branches. Currently, due to COVID-19, we have paused this campaign.

All books that enter our distribution network need to be listed at full retail price with an allowance of 45% discount for wholesalers and 15% ORP commission. So it is important you have done your financial forecast and are still making a profit from each sale.

All sales made through our distribution network are FIRM SALES. This means that when an inquiry is made for your book, the customer (bookshop, library, online selling channel, etc) will pay before receiving the books. Most distributors process sales through CONSIGNMENT meaning that if they are not sold through the respective channel, the books are sent back. When you walk into your local bookshop, you can expect that 90% of the books in the store are there on CONSIGNMENT. 

We reconcile our orders through our book distribution network every six months, in which author royalties are then paid. ORP warehouses 10-20 copies of our author’s books at no charge and will request more stock from the author as needed. If you require us to store more than 10-20 copies, no problem, but we do charge $20 per/month storage.

Furthermore,  we only collect our 15% on the books WE promote and sell. Anything you sell is 100% all yours. Too good!

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So what is print-on-demand? Well, it is the process of literally printing one book at a time, as demanded. Through our publishing company in Brisbane and Gold Coast, we submit all our book distribution titles into a print-on-demand system. This allows booksellers and libraries to access and order as needed. Furthermore, this book feed is accessible internationally.

Print-on-demand machines are often called Espresso Book Machines. The reason for this is that they are often compared to the size and simplicity of a coffee machine. While they are considerably bigger than an espresso machine, they are convenient for the industry as they take up minimal space.

There are limitations with print-on-demand, such as paper stock, colour reproduction and cover finish. The flexibility within digital and offset printing is not achievable with print-on-demand.

Print-on-Demand Costs and Marketing

The per book print cost with print-on-demand is fantastic for low quantities. Therefore, it is sensible that if you are printing under 50 copies that it is managed through print-on-demand. Postage can be costly with print-on-demand. Therefore, we have identified at what quantity it is more economical to look at digital print. More often than not, it will be between 50 to 100 copies, depending on the book.

Additionally, we invest time and money into promoting our titles into this sector as your book distributors. The print-on-demand model we utilise ensures the ease of discovery within the industry. We feel it is critically important in our book distribution model that we reach the widest market possible for all of our published books. Therefore, when you sign up for our book distribution service, we ensure you are represented strongly.

Drop Shipping Book Distributors for Self-Publishers with Ocean Reeve Publishing
Drop Shipping Book Distribution with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Book Distribution – Drop Shipping

In addition to this service, as part of our book distribution, we also offer drop-shipping. This is where you are receiving orders directly, either through your website or other channels and you may not want to worry about posting and packaging the book and heading to the post office. We understand how that can be tedious and frankly, not the best use of your time. Therefore, you can forward the order information to us. We fulfill the order from the stock you have supplied to us. We then invoice you every three months for our 15% and the postage costs, which you would have already collected from your customer.

Furthermore, we manage your drop-shipping internationally. For example, a customer orders your book from your website. They are based in the United States, so consequently, the postage cost will be very high. This is when you send us the order. Through the print-on-demand channel, we can take care of this at similar postage costs you would charge nationally.

Book Distribution – What’s Next?

So this all sounds great, doesn’t it? Sure does. But there is one catch. We only distribute Ocean Reeve Publishing titles. We are not book distributors for all self-published authors. As a professional book publishing company based in Brisbane, we take pride in what we represent. Moreover, the books we distribute and promote need to have been through our publishing process to ensure quality trade standards have been met. We do have exceptions if the book can be reviewed and identified as professionally edited, designed and printed. However, the actual title registration (ISBN, Barcode, Cataloguing Data, Legal Deposits) still needs to be through Ocean Reeve Publishing.

So what next? If you are interested in activating our book distribution network for your book, ensure you include it in your free quote request. We will send through our book distribution agreement for you to review and approve.

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