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Creative Expression

Simplifying the Creative Process – APPS

Producing an idea to develop a solution to the situation or problem is the “what if” stage, because once the questions have been asked, the natural step forward is to attempt the discovery of the answers; produce an idea. If I’m not happy, maybe I need to change my routine, get a new job, or write something new. If things aren’t looking right or correct maybe it needs colour, reconceiving, further application or to start again.

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Book Marketing

Tips To Help Profile Your Published Book

You have a published book — now go sell it. That easy? Not necessarily. Here are four basic tips to help profile your published book online for free. Congratulations on having the courage and commitment to writing and creating a published book. However, of all the people that say they want to write a book only 10% will actually write something. Furthermore, only 10% of those will complete their manuscript. Again, only another 10% will wind up talking to someone in my position.  Why is this number so small? 

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