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Publish a book with pride – Author Profiles

Ocean Reeve Publishing acknowledges that when an author wishes to publish a book, the best marketing tool is the author. Throughout the journey to publish a book and building promotional awareness, we are constantly looking for fresh and new opportunities to create successful authors, to generate opportunities for them and their books with the result being to generate more sales. 

Here we wish to highlight and profile authors that understand what it means to bring stories to life, to work with a team to achieve the goals set in place, and those that own their role in the book marketing journey to create even further awareness for their book.

Publish A Book with Ocean Reeve Publishing

Since late 2016 to the end of 2019, we have registered over 400 titles and continue to add exciting and fresh manuscripts into the process. With that, we also work hard in marketing and mentoring to ensure the authors have the best chance of success. After all, bringing a book to life and marketing it is not something an author should do on their own. If there is an experienced and competent team supporting that vision, it makes the journey to market so much easier to manage.

These profiles are a mix of self-published authors who have utilised only some of our services, trade published authors who specifically sought out writing mentoring and/or book marketing mentoring and, of course, our very own Assisted Independently Published authors who have worked closely with our team to publish with pride, passion, and purpose.

Below are a series of authors who we have worked with. Click on their name to be taken to their profile and learn about them, their book, any commendations or awards received, and even connect with them directly. Publishing is defined as making information public and the Ocean Reeve Publishing wishes to create superhero authors who will take their inspired publication or story and, with us, share it with the world!

Aaron Creamer [coming soon]

AJ Mouse [coming soon]

Anita Zurbrugg [coming soon]

Andrew Holt

Anjay Zazulak [coming soon]

Avi Liran [coming soon]

Barbara Holton [coming soon]

Bettina Ricciuti [coming soon]

Brett McCallum

Bronwyn Houldsworth

Carrie Hayward [coming soon]

Clive Johnson

Connie Boglis

Daniel Lee [coming soon]

David Kay [coming soon]

Debz Pokai

Diane Brewer [coming soon]

Donna-Leigh Perfect

Dominique Liongson

Dr John Warlow

Dr Mal Mohanlal

Dr Pete Stebbins

Emily Niven [coming soon]

Emma Bloem [coming soon]

Gavin Fisher

Gaz Jackson

George Johnston [coming soon]

Gerry Calvert [coming soon]

Greg Wighton [coming soon]

Gloria van Donge

Greg Gunther

Haydn Parsons

Ian MacDonald [coming soon]

Ian Wallis [coming soon]

Jacqui Preugschat

Jan Kuperman [coming soon]

Jas Rawlinson [coming soon]

Jason Bosworth [coming soon]

Jean Peel [coming soon]

Jen and Julian Duband [coming soon]

Jen Swenson

Jennifer Calvert

Jenny Old

Jevon Clark [coming soon]

Jodi Reeves

Joileen Mischel [coming soon]

Joshua Clifton

JT Culverhouse

Julia Seaborn [coming soon]

Julie Hogan [coming soon]

Karen Clarke [coming soon]

Karen Hodgkins [coming soon]

Karen Lyons [coming soon]

Karyn Webber [coming soon]

Kate Gale [coming soon]

Kate Skinner [coming soon]

Katrina MacDonald [coming soon]

Kay Scott [coming soon]

Keith Foreman [coming soon]

Kellie Harriden

Kelly Maree

Ken Bennett [coming soon]

Ken Wigglesworth [coming soon]

Kerri Atherton

Kim Morrison

Kingsley Baiden [coming soon]

Kym Cousins

Lacey Rochelle [coming soon]

Lamont Chatman [coming soon]

Lauren Minicozzi

Laurie Healey [coming soon]

Leonie McKinnon [coming soon]

Lesley McConnell [coming soon]

Louise Harding [coming soon]

Luke Amery

Lynne Heuermann

Maria Mackiewicz-Turner [coming soon]

Marieka Easterley [coming soon]

Marisa Ferraro [coming soon]

Marisa Parker

Michael Bennett [coming soon]

Michelle Price [coming soon]

Mitch Oxborough and Anne Winter [coming soon]

Murray Altham [coming soon]

Nancy Strom [coming soon]

Neil Begley [coming soon]

Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon [coming soon]

Orrin Hurlbutt [coming soon]

Petar Kocic [coming soon]

Peter Boey

Peter Perkins [coming soon]

Philip S. Baker [coming soon]

Pip Coleman [coming soon]

PJ Cave[coming soon]

Rene Michele

Robyn Sultan [coming soon]

Rod Fruend [coming soon]

Roma Flood [coming soon]

Ron Thomas [coming soon]

Russell Cornhill [coming soon]

Sally Eberhardt [coming soon]

Samuel Colbran

Samantha Green [coming soon]

Santina Cardillo [coming soon]

Shauna Gallagher [coming soon]

Simone Miller [coming soon]

Stacy Nottle [coming soon]

Steven Doyle [coming soon]

Stew Darling [coming soon]

Susan Fuss [coming soon]

Susanne Grace [coming soon]

Tabitha Schutz [coming soon]

Tammie Pike [coming soon]

Tamsyn Brown [coming soon]

Tanya Smyth [coming soon]

Terese Jones [coming soon]

Tom Stodulka

Tony Steven [coming soon]

Tracey Litfin [coming soon]

Tracie Eaton [coming soon]

Trevor Cooper

Troy Devine [coming soon]

Xenia Schembri

Wayne Warner

Yogita Ridgley

Yvonne Walton

Zac West

Zoe Sparks