Finding the right book publishing company for you can be a challenge. Ocean Reeve Publishing offers three models all operating from our Brisbane and Gold Coast locations; Self-Publishing – through our imprint, Genesis Publishing, we can meet all your needs to self-publish and ensure your book is of an excellent standard. Assisted Independent Publishing – through the central brand of the company, Ocean Reeve Publishing, we can take your manuscript through the full offerings available and publish a trade standard publication.

Furthermore, we can assist with marketing, distribution, audiobooks and even establishing a strong profit from your book publishing journey. Trade Publishing – through our imprint Ocean Reeve Press, we offer an annual competition that is open to all non-fiction writers interested in sharing a story of inspiration, empowerment and positive change. The winner receives a trade publishing contract

Enjoy the website, review our published work, read about our team, our authors and our services and make the best decision for you. We take pride in the work we produce and in empowering our authors and do so with passion and purpose.


Our Assisted Independent Book Publishing services take you from start to finish. From our ghost writing or writing mentorship right through to print-on-demand or digital print runs, our in-house team of publishing professionals can manage all your needs in bringing your story to life. Reach out today to explore how our award winning service can assist.


Finally, a place where your book marketing needs can be met. Our Book Marketing Mentorship has proven to be the edge for all authors, regardless of where they have published. If you want to grow your awareness and make more sales, get in touch to explore how our marketing services can help you achieve your goals.


Consignment. Firm sale. Drop shipping. Three terms not commonly known by self or independent authors. We offer a comprehensive book distribution service for our Ocean Reeve Publishing authors which includes direct marketing to Australian library and independent bookstore circuits along with international distribution.


Audiobooks have dominated the publishing industry for the last five years and it shows no sign of stopping. As an independent author, an audiobook is a positive step in ensuring your reach as an author. Not only will it increase your presence, but also your sales. Get in touch to find out more about process and prices in developing your audiobook.

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Award Winning Books

With a sophisticated book publishing process, the Ocean Reeve Publishing collection boasts beautifully designed, high-quality publications that are widely recognized for their excellence.

2021 Literary Titan Silver Award
Susan Fuss - 'I Am The Sand'
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2020 Audiobook of the Year -
Australian Business Book Awards
Kym Cousins 'Selling With Heart'
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2020 Best Indie Book Award Winner
Louise Harding - 'Nose to Tail'
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2019 Highly Commended -
Soul & Spirit Awards.
Kim Morrison - 'The Art of Self Love'
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Best Regional Fiction -
(Australia/New Zealand) -
Independent Publisher Awards
Sue Feenstra - "Pongo"
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Bronze Award Gold Medal-
Non-Fiction Biography -
Readers Favourite.
AJ Mouse - 'Alternatives to a Frozen Mouse'
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2018 Bronze Medal Non-Fiction-
Biography - Readers Favorite
Marisa Parker - 'Goodbye to Italia'
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With Assisted Independent Book Publishing

Self-publishing in Australia has become a minefield. However we offer a fantastic solution. Assisted Independent Publishing. Book publishing in Australia, and internationally, has never been so easy. From our Brisbane and Gold Coast bases, we have been able to establish inspirational authors and marketing strategies that get results. Unlike other publishing companies, whether self-publishing or hybrid, we are committed and invested in our author’s success.

We have found that once authors see what’s involved in Assisted Independent Publishing, they tend to prefer this option over self-publishing and even traditional. Why?

Self-publishing does not guarantee qualified editors, designers, and printers. In addition, they do not offer focused marketing or distribution support to the author.

Traditional publisher’s royalty rates are very low. Furthermore, they only market for three months at best, at which time they will move on. The exception is if the book makes the 0.01% club and becomes a best seller.

So why should you choose Assisted Independent Publishing? It is a solution to the self-publishing minefield. All editors and designers are professionally trained and qualified. The whole process is managed by a publishing manager with the author receiving trade quality books along with marketing and distribution support. All of this is under the one roof within our Brisbane and Gold Coast offices.

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Our Latest News

Tips To Help Profile Your Published Book

You have a published book — now go sell it. That easy? Not necessarily. Here are four basic tips to help profile your published book online for free. Congratulations on having the courage and commitment to writing and creating a published book. However, of all the people that say they want to write a book only 10% will actually write something. Furthermore, only 10% of those will complete their manuscript. Again, only another 10% will wind up talking to someone in my position.  Why is this number so small? 

Simplifying the Creative Process – APPS

Producing an idea to develop a solution to the situation or problem is the “what if” stage, because once the questions have been asked, the natural step forward is to attempt the discovery of the answers; produce an idea. If I’m not happy, maybe I need to change my routine, get a new job, or write something new. If things aren’t looking right or correct maybe it needs colour, reconceiving, further application or to start again.

The New Age of Book Marketing

For a book to successfully reach an audience, there are two major factors that need to be given immense respect and focus; marketing and discovery. How do we inform our audience and how can readers find our work? Traditionally, bookstores have had a very large part to play in both of these exercises however the landscape has changed with such a massive online presence and audience. Therefore, for the new age author, marketing is primarily focused on building a strong online presence and strategy. Marketing needs to be addressed as more of a progressive and staged activity. It has to incorporate a variety of different strategies.

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