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Publishing a book is a profound statement. It is your legacy, your footprint in time.
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You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou


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Publishing a book is a very satisfying experience. Whatever the reason you are bringing a book to life, it will become a large part of your legacy.

We pride ourselves in providing quality trade standard books. This is why we offer tailored book publishing and marketing services to our authors.

We understand the value in creative expression and the vulnerability authors feel heading into the publishing space. In addition, the relationship between the author and the publishing team needs to be one of respect, care, and focus.

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Self-publishing in Australia has become a minefield and we offer a fantastic solution. Assisted Independent Publishing. Book publishing in Australia, and internationally, has never been so easy.

We have found that once authors see what’s involved in Assisted Independent Publishing, they tend to ignore self-publishing and even traditional. Why?

Self-publishing does not guarantee qualified editors, designers, and printers. In addition, they do not offer marketing or distribution to the author.

Traditional publishers royalty rates are very low. Furthermore, they only market for three months, at which time they will move on. The exception is if the book makes the 0.01% club and goes wild.

Watch the video below to understand the differences between assisted independent, traditional, and self-publishing.

Assisted Independent Publishing – Self-Publishing – Traditional Publishing – It’s Your Choice!

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. 

Brene Brown

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We offer writing mentorships, editorial and design services, several print options, eBooks, and audiobook production. However, if you do choose to examine self-publishing, you can select whatever services suit your needs.

For all of our authors, we also provide a distribution channel. This is where your book is promoted to libraries and bookstores. Above all, it includes several global online channels. 

In addition, we work with authors anywhere in the world. Our tailored book marketing modules support your journey no matter your location. Most importantly, our highly successful and popular Book Marketing Mentorship program. This personalised mentorship increases the profile of your book and you, the author.

One of the biggest hurdles that most authors find when publishing a book is within the marketing process. Fundamentally, authors are not born promoters. In fact, they are usually quite resistant to promoting as it is not something that comes naturally to them. We understand this.


After working in the educational, traditional and self-publishing industries for two decades, our CEO and Marketing Mentor Ocean Reeve recognised this problem. He discovered, after working with over 4000 authors, that only a small percentage of those who self-published had actioned a reprint of their books. This was due to two factors:

  • It took so long for the authors to sell their books that they lost interest.
  • They hadn’t sold their books, so they just gave up.


The solution was obvious. Calling on his experience and knowledge built throughout his career, Ocean devised a tailored marketing program that would change the game for all authors. The effect has been profound as this has not just affected the self-published authors, but also traditionally published as well. Moreover, in this new age of book publishing, authors are expected to be involved in book marketing.

Therefore, Ocean produced a foundation; establishing a program for authors, tailored for each individual creative. In addition, this is supported by 19 independent modules that offer strategies and tools for authors to then implement. The resulting outcome is book sales.

Ocean had now discovered that 70% of the authors that follow the mentoring guidance given make a full return on investment within 4-6 months of launch. From that, 30% of those authors have achieved this within the 3-week pre-sale period. After mentoring over 250 authors, the Book Marketing Mentorship has had very positive results.

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Your book is a legacy and the emotion attached to it needs to be valued. Our team ensures your creative journey is smooth and enjoyable. Secondly, we want you to have a quality publication that you can be proud of. In addition, we want you to be confident in your marketing. Finally, we want you to succeed!

As mentioned above,  there is no guarantee with self-publishing that the editors working on your book have the necessary qualifications. Furthermore, it is not enough to settle for a teacher, a journalist or someone who is great at English. However, we pride ourselves in only using professionally qualified appraisers and editors.

Similarly, the same applies to our design team. They have been professionally trained and qualified. To highlight this, self-published authors often download templates. Or worse, attempt to design their book themselves or pay someone who has never done it before, eg Fiverr. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our high quality. We ensure that the look and feel of your book meet industry standards. 

Equally, our book printers are specialist book printers. Likewise, our website creators, sound engineers, and video team are all highly trained and qualified. Our entire team takes immense pride in what they do. Click here to learn more about these SUPERHEROES!

Superhero Authors

We see the SUPERHERO in every author. We want to instil you with a mindset of success as you take your published book into the world.

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The most talented, thought-provoking, game-changing people are never normal.

Richard Branson

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